Top 10 Site Peruse for Graphic Design Inspiration

As the focus of the world around us tips in favour of the digital space, illustrations have become an integral part of business dynamics. In this visual-driven milieu, you need to use graphic design in some form or the other for adding that polished professional edge to your work. To be able to do that, you don’t necessarily have to go back to school for a full-time course.

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There are a host of dedicated graphic design sites for inspiration and learning that can help you incorporate graphic design elements in your work, learn the ropes of the trade as you go along, all within the comfort of your space and on your own time.

Here is our pick of the 10 best sites for graphic design inspiration that you must check out today:

1. Design Bundles

Design Bundles offers assets that can be used to create unique, original pieces of art work. Offering high quality design templates at affordable prices, is a site you can turn whether you are in need of illustrations, free designs, mock ups, backgrounds, resume templates, newsletter templates, web elements, logos, royalty-free images, invitation designs and so much more. Accessible to both independent professionals and design companies, the resources here are sold in bundles that are available at unbelievably affordable prices, making it a viable alternative to The Hungry JPEG.

2. Design Cuts

Looking for graphic design inspiration? Design Cuts is another reliable name you can turn to. The portal offers easy access to a plethora of resources, be it graphics, fonts, patterns, templates, textures at insanely affordable prices – they publicise offers running at 80 to 95 per cent off on their resources. What sets them apart truly is their line-up of tutorial that can help any amateur get to pro-level ease of working with different formats of graphic design and digital projects.

3. The Hungry JPEG

TheHungryJPEG screenshot

The Hungry JPEG is a renowned name in the field that aims to help anyone dabbling in the realm of graphic design, be it artists, amateurs or pro ninjas. To deliver on this aim, they have curated thousands of premium and free resources available at the click of a button. Like most other design resource platforms, they started primarily with affordable design bundles, with a bunch of freebies thrown into the mix, and over time included premium offerings in their inventory. High quality of design is the one thing you can depend on them for.

4. Web Designer Depot

Set up in 2008, Web Designer Depot is one of the oldest names among websites for graphic design inspiration and has seen the industry transform over the years. They identify themselves as a community of design enthusiasts and experts who have some interesting insights to offer on design techniques, processes, user experience and more. If you are keen on honing your graphic design skills and stay updated with the latest developments in the field, this is the website to look out for.

5. Craft Bundles

Craft Bundles is another great graphic design websites for inspiration that offers high quality craft-centric resources at affordable prices. The bundles are carefully curated keeping in mind the requirements of the buyers – be it an amateur or a season professional from the field – and comprise a rich mix of elements such as SVG and DXF cutting files as well as PUA encoded fonts. The USP for this platform is that the buyer a valid licence to use and reproduce the work as they deem fit.

6. Free Pik

FreePik screenshot

Founded with the objective of bringing ideas to life, Free Pik founded in 2010 has had one of the most remarkable journeys for a platform dedicated to design resources. It started out as an avenue where anyone could access high-quality illustrations, icons, photos, presentation templates and mock-ups for free. Over the years, they branched out their services and today serve as a resource source for the likes of NASA, Amazon, and Microsoft.

7. Behance

Behnace boasts of a large network of artists who use the platform to create their portfolios and connect with people from other industries to trade their creations. There is a large repository of inspirational work on the website that you can access to seek inspiration for your own design creations. They also have a dedicated section for graphic design that includes logos, posters, branding material and more.

8. Pikbest

Pikbest is another graphic design sites for inspiration that boasts for high-quality graphic design templates that you can use to draw inspiration for your design process. The USP of this platform is that is offers users access to millions of editable templates such as posters, presentations, PSD files, sound effects that can be printed and reproduced for commercial use. Whenever you find yourself grappling for ideas, you can turn to Pikbest to draw inspiration from some impressive designs to bring your own to life.

9. Niice

Niice website

A hub of inspiration meant for design teams, Niice started as niche inspiration site and has since grown into a carefully curated team-centric platform that encourages discussions around creative ideas and trends. Members of different teams can connect on this platform to brainstorm, curate and share ideas, which are presented in the form on visual boards. Even if you are an individual designer or a creative person, this site is still worth turning to for new, disrupting ideas in the field of graphic design.

10. Piktab

If your work requires you to come up with new and interesting ideas every now and then, Piktab is a tool you cannot afford to overlook. A Google Chrome extension, Piktab helps its users discover and access free graphic design resources whenever they open a new tab on their browser. The extension curates content from the top design sites and delivers it to you on your screen, leaving it to your imagination and experience to customise it they way you like. Finding inspiring content for free doesn’t get simpler than this.

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With so many top-of-the-line resources at your disposal, creating mind-blowing, intuitive, user-friendly designs can be a cakewalk, no matter your proficiency levels in the field.


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