Top Tips to Improve Your Organic Page Ranking

When it comes to your business’ page ranking, the details really matter and if you want to get bumped higher up the search rankings then this post is for you. Hiring SEO services isn’t something that every business has the finances to do, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to increase the your organic page ranking, on the contrary in fact.

SEO analytics

The key thing to understand about your search ranking is that the aim of the search engine’s algorithm, which monitors your site and fixes your ranking, is to give users the best possible results for their searches, and here is how you can ensure that you are the most relevant result.

Increasing Backlinks

When a website like to yours it is viewed as trust flow, that one website thinks highly enough of your website to add a link, the more of these backlinks which you have coming to your site, the more trustworthy your site will be viewed by the search engines. Naturally, the more that your site is trusted, the higher up the search rankings you can find yourself.

Researching Keywords

If you have been trying to rank high for certain keywords and you are not seeing any progress, it may just be that you are focusing on the wrong keywords, fighting against some sizable competition. What you should be looking for are keywords which are searched for frequently, but which have low competition.

Keyword Placement

When it comes to using keywords you have to understand where they should be placed, and what to avoid. For example stuffing the keyword into your content 10 times will not help you to score highly, in fact it may end up doing the opposite to what you want, as the search engines are far smarter than they once were. Good keyword practice looks like placing it in the page title, the URL and the H1 tag, doing this will help you rank higher, stuffing will see you fall down the pecking order.

Longer Content

We are seeing more and more evidence that search engines are giving more kudos to websites which have lengthy content on their site and this is also something which you should try out. The key behind this is that longer content appears to offer much more value to the viewer, so that is why 1000 word posts rather than 500 word posts are becoming the new normal.


Search engine crawlers are also able to judge the quality of your website which is exactly why you should also look at doing a touch of housekeeping with your site. Ensure that there are no broken links on the site, that the speed of the site is as expected and that there is no media which has been taken down, embedded YouTube videos for example. Make sure that your site is firing on all cylinders and you’ll have a far better chance of increasing your organic page rank.

Working with an SEO agency will always increase your results, but that is not to say that you can’t do a lot of the legwork on your own, and these tips are a great place to start.


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