4 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity

The modern world throws up many challenges for us to overcome and it often feels as though we are dealing with far more than we can handle. We juggle numerous projects and force ourselves to work crazy hours which is great if you can deal with it but the sheer volume of people that aren’t equipped with the tools to do so is vast.

Increasing productivity

We have to stay positive and motivated to stand a chance of being successful, no matter what your definition of the word is. We can all set our goals at different levels but the important thing is to reach those goals, to do this we have to be productive which is a real struggle when things are getting on top of us.

Here we take a look at 4 really simple ways in which we can boost our productivity to reach our goals.

1. Planning

Something we often take for granted and don’t put enough time into is our plan, that could be your business plan or your plan for the week. To really increase our productivity we should look to have a clear and concise plan of what we are doing and how we are going to do it. This is the case across the board and is even more important when running a team. A group of people without direction will be conflicted and end up working against each other which is an issue that breeds negativity and exhausts individuals, we should be working as a unit traveling towards a common goal.

Having a clear path laid out will allow you to complete each step in order and progress naturally to the next one, we feel a sense of achievement every time a stage has been completed and this encourages us to continue forward with the same motivation as when we started.

2. Training

When it comes to an entire team being productive, we should look at the training they have received. There will be little to no hope of a team completing a task they know nothing about, this is why training is so important. Having everyone on the same wavelength and working together is the most productive thing you can offer as a leader so providing high-quality training is essential.

If you own a small company then it’s relatively easy to portray your goals to a workforce as you most probably know each of them individually and have involved them from the start. It’s a different story when you’re involved in a multi-million dollar company as direction can often get lost, this is why it’s so important to get everyone working on the same level. One of the best ways you can do this is by finding a company for business simulations as it will reinforce your training plan and give a hands-on learning experience. They work by stimulating your business and allowing your team to make decisions and where to allocate resources, giving them an experience of what it’s like to be the CEO, and therefore gaining a better understanding of how the company works.

If you can get your entire team on board then they will all end up more productive and effective.

3. Take Breaks

People can find themselves working through the entire day without taking a break because it feels as though they have done more work, however, this is often not the case. Procrastination can settle in very easily when someone is feeling even the slightest bit tired, or unmotivated. Taking breaks, from 5 minutes to an hour, can be hugely beneficial and will end up in you being far more productive in the time you are using to work.

Quality over quantity is a saying that should be used far more often than it is because, at the end of the day, your work matters and you should be proud of what you have produced.

4. Social Media

The award for the best distraction goes to… Social Media. One of the biggest distractions of the modern age is having a smartphone and combining it with the ability to browse through other people’s lives.

To really boost productivity in life, not just the workplace, try and take elongated breaks that allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. This is incredibly difficult if you work for a social media company, but you also know why they’re so distracting. Turn your phone off at work and you’ll find you get distracted far less.


Productivity is difficult if we are easily distracted, we need goals to complete as humans, and being able to name them and produce a plan for completing them is important. These are four simple ways in which we can boost our productivity but there are plenty more. Take more breaks if you feel you need them, being productive within your working time is the most important thing and make sure you and your team are equipped with the knowledge required.


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