A Guide to Understand BBA in Information Systems

A bachelor’s course in Information Systems like BBA is an excellent amalgamation of the domains of IT and business. Management of Information Systems or popularly known as MIS involves coordinating with IT professionals to ensure that the technological needs of a business are constantly met and there are financial investments into newer technologies which could increase the company revenue.

MIS students at a college

The information systems industry is one of the most progressing domains and presents multiple career opportunities. Read on for a better understanding of what a course in this subject can involve, the benefits of pursuing such a course and the career prospects of the course.

What does an Information Systems course entail?

Owing to the integration of technology in almost every domain, management of IT in a company has become an essential business function. A BBA Information Systems course is a business degree that allows you to take up engineering electives. It provides you with all the skills and expertise required to maintain electronic devices, online servers and other IT infrastructure in your company.

Although, the course syllabus might differ from one university to another, here are some common subjects that you would probably study as a part of the curriculum.

  • Database management
  • Business process design
  • Data warehousing
  • Project management
  • Information systems strategy and governance
  • E-commerce and internet based applications
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Business intelligence applications

Why should you pursue a BBA degree in Information Systems?

Here are three important reasons to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information systems.

1. Stimulating work environments

Owing to the increasing risk of cyber-threats and internet shutdowns, the role of an information systems manager is always riddled with exciting work and challenges. If you are someone who excels under pressure, you can find the work environment quite stimulating and can easily build subject expertise in a short period of time.

2. Excellent job security

The field of IT management is vast and has scores of career prospects in multiple domains. As an IT systems manager, you can be rest assured of job security in any domain you choose. The career roles in the domain are stable and well-paying and are not affected much by economic slumps.

3. Multiple career progression opportunities

As businesses are becoming more dependent on technology, the role of IT management is business organisations is increasing with each day. This has resulted in the generation of newer MIS roles that can allow you to identify prospective areas where technology could meet business progression. MIS has a lot of scope for career progression irrespective of your current role. Pursuing an MIS course also provides you with transferable skills which can let you switch professional domains.

What are the career prospects of the course?

Here are some interesting roles that you can pursue after your course completion.

  • Applications Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • IT consultant
  • Systems Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager

Apart from these roles, you can also become a database developer, a software engineer, a penetration officer or an IT technical support officer. Join a BBA in IT or MIS and take the first step towards a successful career.


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