Why You Need a Side Hustle (4 Reasons)

Tired of wishing you had more money? Do you wish you could make those impulse purchases without feeling so guilty or wondering what you should sacrifice?

Businesswoman working on a side hustle

You need a side hustle. It’s not a second job – you don’t have another boss breathing down your neck or a schedule you hate. With hundreds of side hustle ideas out there, it is a gig you do on your own time, as often as you want. You’re in charge of how much you work and how much you make.

Check out the reasons you should consider a side hustle.

1. Income Potential

Living paycheck-to-paycheck drains your wallet and your energy, especially if you have bills to pay. Worrying how you’ll make ends meet never does anyone any good. Side hustles stop those worries and you don’t even have to work for someone else.

A side hustle’s earning potential is limitless. You get out of it what you put into it. Take Uber or Instacart for example. You set your own schedule, working as much or as little as you want. Have a large goal to reach? You can easily ramp up your hours, bringing in the money when you need it most.

How much can you make? Obviously, the side hustle you choose makes a difference. Rent out your home and you may make $1,000 – $3,000 per month. Drive for Uber or Shop for Instacart and you may make a few hundred dollars or more. Here’ a secret – you can have as many side hustles as you want so there’s unlimited income potential.

2. Networking (Meet New Like-Minded People)

What better way to meet new people than by doing something you love? A side hustle should be enjoyable. While it’s ‘work,’ it’s something you do on the side to make money. Whether you shop for Instacart, drive for DoorDash, or work for Rover, chances are the people working alongside you love what they do too.

If you are trying something new, join online groups. Facebook and LinkedIn have great groups for side hustlers just like you. Jump in the groups and see what others have to say. You’ll make friends, strategically network, learn tips, and find ways to increase your earnings while socializing a bit.

3. Develop New Skills

Side hustles include gigs you start yourself too. Are you interested in learning new skills? Maybe you love advertising. Why not try your hand at digital marketing? Do you love graphic design? Start a graphic design gig on Fiverr.

You can learn just about any skill online today. Whether you watch free YouTube videos or you take a few courses (Udemy has affordable options), you can become a self-proclaimed expert quickly, tapping into the gig market quickly.

4. Be Your Own Boss

No one wants another boss – you already have one at your 9 to 5. Your side hustle is your own gig. You set the rules and the schedule. Even if you drive for Uber, shop for Instacart, or deliver for DoorDash, you’re an independent contractor.

You set your own hours, choose the shifts or orders you’ll manage, and earn money. The downside is you have to manage your taxes. Keep a careful record of your expenses including your mileage and any other related expenses to lower your tax liabilities on your earnings.

Final Thoughts: Why You Should Start a Side Hustle

A side hustle has many benefits, with more income the number one reason most people start one. But, a side hustle may bring you more enjoyment in life. It’s something you start and do on your own time. Whether you work as an independent contractor for a company or you start your own gig from scratch, there’s income and personal growth potential in it for everyone.


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