Rome DUI Tips: What To Do If You Get Caught Abroad

Getting charged with a Driving Under The Influence (DUI) will always face you with a lot of legal trouble and serious consequences. More so when you’ve been charged abroad. When you’re traveling abroad, this isn’t one that you’d exactly like to take home as a souvenir. In fact, it can be one of the worst news that you can ever receive. Plus, the fines can be severe, too.


Since you’re in a foreign country, you don’t know anyone or the legalities of their local laws. Perhaps, you could even be confused as to which lawyer you’re going to hire.

These tips can guide you on what you should do if you get caught with a DUI abroad:

1. Be Ready For Your Immigration Status To Get Affected

This section applies if you’re going to a foreign country as an immigrant. When you’re still new, and your residency and citizenship status is still on the rocks, you’ve got to be very careful about your character. Many countries emphasize a ‘good character,’ which may seriously be hampered because of your DUI, causing you to get deported.

Generally, this harsh consequence can happen if there are other crimes attached to your DUI charge. For example, you were also caught with illegal drugs or killed another motorist because of your negligence.

Hence, when you get caught with a DUI, and you’re an immigrant, you have to work with a DUI and immigration lawyer. This way, you’re ensuring that your migration status stays protected.

2. Be Prepared To Be Denied Entry Again In That Country

Some countries deny entry to visitors that have serious DUI charges. So, if you’ve been caught with a DUI charge in a country, don’t expect that you can re-enter the same country. This can be troublesome especially when you regularly travel to that country to visit a family member or for business and work purposes.

To be sure about this, it pays to read or check on the country’s laws that you’re visiting, especially when it comes to DUI charges.

3. Call A DUI Lawyer

If you don’t know anything about the laws of the country you’re in, you need the most help with your charges. Also, don’t attempt to evade the laws of the foreign country or go through it by yourself. Instead, have a lawyer by your side to ensure that you can safely go back home to your country. Else, you can be penalized with a hefty fine, or worse, remain locked up abroad.

Thankfully, technology is on your side. It’s now easier to search for a good DWI lawyer online, even if you’re unfamiliar with your place. Some reputable law firms or independent lawyers have their websites. So, you’ve got something to browse and search through, especially when it comes to their reputation and how they’re able to help you with your case.

Police DUI checkpoint

4. Be Obedient With The Authorities

Since this is your fault and you’ve violated the laws of a country you don’t belong to, this isn’t the time and place for you to question the authorities. If anything, you have to be obedient and cooperative as possible. At the very least, show remorse for your mistake so that the officers will also be nice to you.

Remember that even if you’re not a citizen in that country, you’ve got no choice but to face trial in that country. If you’re not cooperative, you only put yourself in more danger by getting into trouble with the authorities.

5. Inform Your Family Back Home

Since you still have your Miranda Rights, you can inform your family before you may be brought to jail as soon as possible; don’t hide it from them. Remember that you’re still a citizen of your home country, and it’s only your family that’s your best link back home.

When you wish to seek the help of your home country to be repatriated, for instance, all the circumstances of your arrest must also be made known at the earliest time possible.

DUI changes your life

Final Word

Since it’s going to be placed on your record for the rest of your life, getting a DUI will change your life, especially when you’re charged abroad. While it may be a difficult situation to be in, there are still ways for you to pull yourself out of it.

These tips are a good place to start. Always remember, don’t strive to do everything on your own, more so that you’re unfamiliar with the laws of that country. Always seek the advice of an expert DUI lawyer.


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