Unmistakable Signs You’ve Chosen the Wrong Degree

University life is not always as careless and full of parties as it is shown in Hollywood movies. Very often, a way to earn a degree lies through sleepless nights, hours spent in libraries, an immense amount of hard work and stress.

Bored and distracted student trying to focus

When facing the reality of student life, many freshmen think, ‘Should I stay, or should I go?’ But how to know when your hard work is justifiable and when it is a waste of time and energy on a wrong degree? In this article, you will find the list of top signs you’ve made a wrong career choice. And if most of your answers are ‘Yes,’ you might need to consider changing your direction.

Did Your Parents Choose Your Career against Your Will?

Many parents want the best for their kids. The best food, the best clothes, the best education… When their children grow older, they vicariously choose the career path for kids, thinking they know better.

For instance, a child’s dream is to earn a doctorate in theology and become a university professor. But parents decide that he or she will become a chef, as everyone in their family. A teenager says, ‘I’ll become a politician!’ But parents make them study math and teach this subject to rebels at high school.

As a result, we have thousands of grown-up chefs and maths teachers who cannot find their place in the world and do not know why.

Do You Notice That You Have Less Motivation Than Classmates?

All of us have lazy days when we want to lie in bed, watch Friends, and eat pizza. This is completely normal. Laziness helps your brain stay sane while processing tones of information. But when you notice that you have zero motivation and interest in your degree- this might be a bad sign.

To survive university life, you have to like what you do. Don’t force yourself to study something you are not interested in. People naturally choose the activities that they are talented at. This brings them pleasure and fruitful results.

If you’re barely listening to a lecture in mechatronics and dream about a beautiful three-layer cake you want to bake this weekend, you might be killing a person! And the person you are killing is a talented confectioner inside you.

Don’t let social stigmas and stereotypes change your future. Life is full of possibilities. And if you love doing something, set aside the popular idea of ‘prestige’ and follow your intuition.

Are You Interested in Different Subjects?

Every faculty has a subject that most students hate. It seems different and incompatible with the rest of the material, like a square peg in a round hole. For instance, creative and dreamy philology students often struggle with getting their heads around the strict rules of morphosyntax. Future psychologists wonder why they have to listen to the lectures in philosophy and peruse books about Aristotle’s life.

But if you notice that the only subject you like is the ‘hated one,’ it might be a sign that you should consider switching to a new degree. It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. Just your kind of mind is different, and you’re talented in a different area than your peers.

You Don’t Plan to Work in the Field of Your Studies?

You can pass with flying colors any exam if you know what your target is. If you know that after five long years of studies you will finally have the job title of your dream, all hard work will seem much more pleasant.

However, if you cannot and don’t want to relate your future career with the degree you’re obtaining, you might need to consider changing it before it’s too late. For instance, if you have enrolled in a medical school, because it’s prestigious, but have a strong fear of blood, don’t think that this problem will get resolved somehow.

Set realistic goals. And if you want to work in a completely different area than your studies are, dedicate some time to discovering yourself. It’s better to start university much later than choosing the wrong career path.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid of changes or criticism from others. If you feel that your chosen faculty is not your cup of tea, consider changing the major. Life is too short to do things we don’t like just to meet someone else’s expectations. Also, don’t hesitate to spend more time on discovering yourself and your talents. It is better to start university life one or two years later than study something which is not for you.

But remember that the learning process is always difficult. And whichever faculty you choose- you have to work very hard. But only work on the degree you like will bring you pleasure.


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