A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Supplement Business: 5 Tips for Getting High-Quality Leads

Dietary supplements are incredibly popular in the United States, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. The Council for Responsible Nutrition found that supplement use had reached an all-time high in 2019 with 77% of American adults taking supplements in some form. The most popular of these are vitamins with specialty supplements like fish oils and fatty acids meant to improve overall health coming in second.

Supplement business

Reasons people love supplements include increased awareness about healthy lifestyle choices and the fact that many of them simply work to improve people’s health. They’re made to address all manner of needs from nutritional requirements to workout enhancement. Since they come in many forms, such as capsules, softgels, powders, and liquids, customers can take them how they choose.

It’s little wonder that entrepreneurs see dietary supplements as great opportunities. You’ll need an edge to stand out in such a competitive market, however. Here are some of the best things to focus on to find leads and grow a successful supplement business.

Competitive Analysis


Every successful business needs to learn about its competition. With a comprehensive competitive analysis, you can learn what your direct competitors are doing right and how you can outmaneuver them. Determining who their customers are is one of the best ways to find leads, and you can bring their customers over to your side with better offers. Price is the most basic way to do this. If you’re both selling nutritional supplements of similar quality, for example, but yours are cheaper, you’ll appear to be the best option. You may also be able to discover a segment of the supplement market your competitors aren’t catering to and carve out that niche for yourself.


Medicine manufacturing

While it’s possible to make your own supplements, most companies chose to work with a supplement manufacturer. One reason is that it’s simply convenient. A manufacturer can handle the hard work of R&D as well as ensure your products abide by FDA regulations. Superior Supplements can help you produce any kind of supplements, including CBD, with custom formulations. They also have options for all-natural, Kosher, and USDA organic products whether you need sports nutrition, immune support, antioxidants, hemp, or other categories. Superior Supplement Manufacturing can even provide private label packaging, so you can be sure your brand is always presented the way you want. With this aspect of your business taken care of, you can focus more on bringing in new customers.

Content Marketing

Up your content game

There are several ways you could go about advertising your business, such as with paid online ads, commercials, or social media marketing. Small businesses generally need affordable options, however, and content marketing is one of the best. Content marketing basically just means any original content you make that showcases your business. An easy way to get started is with blog posts that discuss the benefits of your products. For example, you might pitch a post about your sports nutrition supplement to a fitness site. The more people your brand can connect with online, the more potential customers you have.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement

Sales enablement is basically the process of teaching the marketing and sales departments to work together and pursue leads more successfully. In this digital age, potential customers are able to research companies long before they ever make contact with a representative. You need to personalize your approach to leads to cater to their specific needs. With Manobyte software and strategies, you’ll be able to set and track revenue goals, effectively determine which leads are ready to buy and conveniently connect with your distribution partners through a sales portal.


Any market can become dominated by current trends, and the supplement market is certainly no exception. Popular 2020 trends include increased demand for plant-based products, greater interest in CBD products, and deeper customization for formulations targeting specific nutritional needs. Staying up to date on supplement trends helps you remain relevant in the market, but even more importantly, it can help you predict what trends will follow and get a jump on new leads.


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