How to Enhance your Marketing Campaigns with Next-level Technology

Today digital marketers are able to wield an unprecedented array of technological tools. More than ever before, they’re able to reach the right audience, and better able to persuade that audience.

Analyzing marketing campaign

But what exactly do these tools look like, and what might the future hold for them? Perhaps more importantly, how can you integrate them into your marketing campaigns?

Call-tracking Technology

Analysing your incoming calls can help you to identify where your leads are coming from. Through this information, you’ll be able to optimise your sales funnel and generate more conversions.

Naturally, certain sorts of business generate leads through search engines and banner ads. But tracking is still available to those who make their sales principally over the phone. This works by providing a unique number to different customers, and thereby determining how they came to know about the business.

Interactive Content Creation Platforms

Content, as they say, is king. But the modern internet is saturated with it. Thus, in order to stand apart from the crowd, you’ll need to create something that’s of a certain quality, and promote interaction with your audience. This tends to mean researching your target market, identifying a niche, and catering to it.

If you’re producing content that’s of serious value to the people you’d like to sell to, then you may find that the process is made much easier when you use one of the many content creation platforms available.

Physical APIs

A physical API allows a software to perform a task that might otherwise be performed by a computer. This might mean sending out gift cards and other mail. This allows a level of targeted marketing without requiring the involvement of a human being. Physical correspondence generates an emotional response that the digital kind can’t emulate.

When your customers receive a piece of targeted marketing through the mail, they may feel a kind of goodwill toward the company, that will ultimately result in more frequent visits to the site, and, ultimately, more sales. Of course, it’s easy to overdo this – so be sure that you’re not spamming your customers with junk mail.

Video Marketing

The death of the written word was confidently predicted not so long ago. While it hasn’t happened quite yet, there has been an explosion in the prominence and effectiveness of video. A short video that’s well edited and professionally put together can have serious viral potential. It’s a means of establishing yourself as a force worth taking seriously, and the results can more than justify the cost of production.

Even if your video content doesn’t directly generate leads, it will improve brand awareness in a way that can only be positive for your general appeal.


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