Use These 6 Websites to Showcase Your Professional Achievements

Are you getting the notice you deserve for your professional achievements? These days, that’s no sure thing, no matter how well respected you are among the people whose opinions actually matter. Finding new clients, climbing the rungs of that career ladder — it’s not too easy.

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You’re not entirely on your own, though. These six websites, user-friendly and all, can help you showcase your professional achievements and take the next step in your career.

1. LinkedIn

Of all the websites on this list, you’re probably most familiar with LinkedIn. Most professionals use LinkedIn, both because it’s a great tool for self-promotion and because, well, everyone else uses it too. In addition to its obvious usefulness as a place to park your resume, LinkedIn doubles as a popular content portal too. Think of it as a high-traffic alternative or complement to your professional blog.

2. is a no-nonsense website for professionals to show off where they’ve been and where they’re heading. Although it’s not really a full-fledged alternative to LinkedIn, its profiles do contain similar details. They’re easy to customize too, as this profile for financial professional Olympia de Castro demonstrates nicely.

3. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is another no-nonsense website for professionals to play up their experience, successes, and high-profile associations. If your business entity is distinct from your actual name or role, create individual or company profiles on Crunchbase. Yes, even if you’re the sole employee of your own company.

4. Yelp

Newsflash! Even if you don’t consider yourself a business owner, have a business address (other than your home office), or employ anyone (including independent contractors) to help you get stuff done, you could benefit from a Yelp listing. Search the site to see if you have one already (many professionals do) and claim it if so. Otherwise, take a few minutes to create yours today.

5. Meetup

Meetup is a great place to find virtual and in-person networking opportunities near you. It’s low-risk and there’s no obligation to actually show up, which is nice.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a little different than the other entries on this list. Not because it’s any less valuable, but because its primary purpose is different. Upwork is a place where professionals seek and find work, which also means that it’s a place where companies and individuals come to get work done. You don’t have to be active on the platform to benefit from your Upwork profile, though. Upwork’s high domain authority means your listing (provided it uses your full name and/or company name) will rank well in search results for those terms.

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Get Listed Today

Unless you have a current listing on every single one of these websites, you’ve got some work to do. Fortunately, as we’ve seen, it’s not difficult in the least to create a profile on each. Make it a priority and you’ll have it done by the end of the coming weekend.

Don’t forget about the myriad other websites that could help show off your professional chops, either. These six represent a mere sampling of what’s available to entrepreneurs and service providers seeking any excuse to put their best foot (feet?) forward. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll have a digital portfolio worth bringing up in your next interview.


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