How to Choose the Right Ovens for Your Bakery Shop

When opening up a bakery shop or replacing your current ovens you need to make sure that you purchase ovens that are ideal. Your new ovens should be as big as you need them to be while also offering you all the features you need. But how can you make sure you choose the right ovens?

Oven in a bakery shop

This article can help you. Read on for more ideas as to how you can choose the right ovens for you.

How Often You will Use the Oven

If you plan to use your new oven every day or most days then you’ll obviously need a large oven. A deck oven, for example, can offer you a lot of room. However, if you plan to use the oven once or twice a week you might want to make sure you buy an oven that’s not too big. Unless, of course, you plan to expand your business any time soon.

If you do a lot of baking at any one time, you’ll need to make sure your oven is large enough. Look for one that has a lot of shelves, allowing you to cook more than a few trays of baked products at any one time.

The Accessories

Some ovens come with trays and a trolley, allowing you to move the trays out of the oven and into the front of your shop. However, some trolleys only come with half of the amount of trays that you’ll need. This ensures that you end up buying more trays which could cost you more.

Other accessories that might prove to be useful are tray mats, oven gloves, and even replacement parts. Consider what accessories you would like to get with your oven. Different ovens come with different accessories. This means you might have a difficult choice if there are multiple ovens offering the accessories you need.

Your Ventilation and Extraction Needs

What are your ventilation and extraction needs? Where is all the steam going to go? If you accidentally burn something, where will the smoke go? You need to make sure that your new oven offers you ventilation and extraction that is good enough.

You, therefore, might need to buy an oven hood as it can help to keep the work area clean and smoke-free.

Whether You Need a Self-cleaning Oven

Did you know that you can purchase self-cleaning ovens? Not only will a clean oven mean that you have good hygiene standards, but it will also help to keep the oven in good working order.

Some ovens will need cleaning tablets inserted and they tend to be easy to use. Simply insert the tablet and press the required buttons. Your oven will clean itself. Please note, some ovens will need to be rinsed, but this is usually very easy. Consider buying a self-cleaning oven if you want to make life easier for you.

Use the above tips to help you choose the right oven for your bakery shop.


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