5 Features To Include In A Dashboard Web Application

Today, almost everyone wants to have a dashboard representing their work because it is straightforward for us to understand and analyze your work’s progress. Well, creating a dashboard web application can be tricky and challenging.

Business dashboard web application

You must know and understand a few things before creating an interactive and practical dashboard web app because if it lacks some essential features, you’ll not get the expected outcome.

Well, in this article, we’ll be covering such 5 features that you must include while you create dashboard web application. But before we dive into these features, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of creating a dashboard web application.

Benefits of Dashboard web application

There are many benefits of creating a dashboard web application because it helps in you many ways. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • Developing a dashboard web application will give you the proper security, view, and support that you want.
  • A dashboard web application can be optimized easily to your business processes and can represent those processes or things as per your requirements.
  • You can update a dashboard web application whenever you want.
  • You will have more control on the dashboards like you can do many customizations that you want.

Apart from these, you’ll get the benefits of using a dashboard like better decision making, real-time updates, and much more.

Dashboard application

5 Features to include in a Dashboard Web Application

The following are the basic five features that you must have in a dashboard web application:

1. Dashboard templates and Style options

This is an essential feature that must be there in every dashboard web application. Having predefined templates will help the users speed up, creating a dashboard of their choice. It will make it very easy for everyone to use your app because of the latest dashboard templates.

Including global style options is the next most basic feature because it is responsible for changing the colors, fonts, and background color of the dashboard charts, graphs, texts, and other components of dashboards.

Having this feature will make it easy to customize the style of graphs and charts quickly. The dashboard web app users will choose between these pre-existing templates and global style options depending upon how they want their dashboard to look.

2. Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the essential features to use in a dashboard web application because it helps automate generating new insights.

Artificial Intelligence will also enable you to ask direct questions in the software interface, and the AI assistant will select the charts or data as per your question.

So, it’s another important feature that you must include because nowadays, this feature has become very common among many applications.

3. Advanced Chart Options

All latest dashboard web applications give advanced chart options because this gives you all the latest options, like combining multiple chart types or adding a secondary axis.

These advanced chart options also include conditional formatting, comparison period, intuitive drag, and drop interface. The highlighting of specific variances or patterns and comparison among data series can quickly be done on adding such features.

Moreover, these functionalities will make sure that your dashboard web application is among the latest applications.

4. Add Text, Image, and Icon

This is the most basic requirement that everyone looks for while creating a dashboard, so you must have this feature in your dashboard web application. You must give the users the option to add texts, images, and icons wherever they need it.

You can also provide your icon library in the app, which will include thousands of icons to search and use them efficiently.

Furthermore, adding dynamic texts and images helps in reducing the risk of missing important information.

5. Global dashboard filter option

It is essential to include a filter option in a dashboard web app because, without filters, no one will retrieve the information they want to see in their dashboard. So, this is another must-have feature to ensure that the app is more effective.

Well, these are the basic five features to include in a dashboard web application because without these features, your application will not be able to give a useful dashboard output.


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