4 Reasons People Don’t Succeed at Selling on Amazon

Not every online sellers who starts on Amazon makes it out thriving. Unfortunately, online store owners don’t know the various factors that come into play when starting a business in one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms.

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So many Amazon store owners start on the right foot but end up failing miserably, because they implement the wrong tactics. Many sellers do not realize this.

Here are a few of the “bogus strategies” that many Amazon store owners mistakenly follow:

Chose the wrong type of product

Choosing the wrong types of products to sell is the number one reason most sellers do not make it big at Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA).

Many sellers do little or no product research on what would be good to sell. They simply choose what they find interesting in their initial search results.

After introducing the products in their store, the sellers realize that it was not worth the investment after all. Amazon storeowners with marketing knowledge can conclude there are tons of sellers offering better quality—or worse, the product is so bad that it hardly sells.

One of the worst things a seller could do is to look for a seasonal item. Those fun inflatable toys did well in the summer, but don’t sell much in the fall.

Solution: Spend at least a month researching on products, as it is an essential part of running an e-commerce business. Also, check out different product categories when choosing which items to list on Amazon FBA. Take the time, and don’t rush. Consider to import products from China to lower costs.

If you wish to start importing from China, we suggest you to read this comprehensive guide on how to find the right manufacturer for your product in China.

Sold low-quality products

Selling shoddy products is one of the most common mistakes made by online sellers, and the impact is huge.

Amazon customers are not only very selective; they will not buy products with a rating of fewer than four stars. Let’s face it: no one wants to buy an inferior quality product.

If you are new to purchasing items from China, it can be a challenge to get quality products manufactured. A lot can go wrong, and your supplier could mess with you if you don’t keep a close eye on the entire purchasing process.

Solution: Avoid selling substandard products by properly checking, inspecting, and controlling the quality of the goods while they are being manufactured. Remember, when your products leave the factory, they are now yours. Suppliers will no longer take any responsibility if something goes wrong.

Hence, it is critical to find defects and damage before shipping. Better still, hire a third-party quality inspector to double-check your products.

Set false expectations

Most Amazon sellers believe FBA is an excellent way to get rich overnight. Sorry to pop your bubble, but that’s not how Amazon works.

Amazon FBA is a serious business that takes a lot of sweat, hard work, and determination. You need to treat your online store like a brick and mortar business.

Entrepreneurs make mistakes, but it’s about how you deal with setbacks and what you learn from them.

Solution: Think of Amazon as a real company and build your business brick by brick.

Didn’t diversify

Selling multiple products where one is booming while the others aren’t is a rookie Amazon seller mistake.

If you have one item that is getting all the hype on Amazon, build on that hype and add six more hit products! If one of your goods loses its popularity, at least you still have other profitable items to sell.

This tactic applies to sales channels as well. Amazon FBA is great, but you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, figuratively and literally.

Distribute your sales across multiple channels and offer your items to large retailers. This is undoubtedly a strategy with many gains to come.

Solution: Offer mutiples products across various sales channels and products. Diversify your store.


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