Increasing Instagram Followers: Top Tips for Your Business

As we have adjusted to the “new normal” amidst the pandemic, social media platforms’ role has become more important for all businesses. Even though having an app for your business cannot guarantee a successful brand image, gaining recognition on Instagram can surely assist you in increasing revenue.

Increasing Instagram followers

Why Focus on Instagram?

One of the many social media platforms, Instagram is currently one of the most beloved platform with exciting features such as stories, reels, multiple images posting, etc. The overall active users have been on a steady rise since the last five years, making Instagram a game-changer for your business.

Increasing Instagram Followers

Now that you know why Instagram is the perfect platform for establishing your brand image, let us look at some efficient ways which can help you in increasing followers on Instagram:

Instagram Insights

1. Instagram Account Optimization

Gaining followers can do no good if your account lacks the creative edge, which would appeal to a follower. Thus, it is important to exert an impression through your account’s bio, username, and profile image. Rather than picturizing a regular Instagram account, you need to picture a brand identity while creating your business’ account.

For the username of your account, we suggest that you neglect numbers or special characters, keeping the username search-friendly. Mentioning your official website and coming up with a professional bio must create an appealing brand image. Moreover, you should also keep optimizing your account information frequently rather than sticking to a singular one.

2. Consistent Uploads

This is one of the most difficult things to do as you can always run out of creative ideas/content and end up not uploading anything. For a successful user engagement strategy, you need to keep your uploads consistent.

If you don’t upload anything for a long period, the followers might end up unfollowing you due to lack of activity. Further, you should also try to avoid uploading too many posts on a single day to avoid spam. If you need to do so, scheduling your posts is the best way out. Consistent uploads on a regular schedule build a pleasing experience for your followers who get to know the brand with ease.

3. Associate with Partners and Brand Advocates

Earning credibility is also a quick way of increasing your Instagram followers. You will get an increased amount of audience if you actively participate in endeavors related to your niche. Getting partners and brand advocates (namely, influencers) to post your content on their account also encourages people to follow you.

Another great way to gain popularity among Instagram users is through sponsoring user-generated content, as it would propel your account into the customers’ feed more often. Finding marketing collaboration works well for both sides as you and your partners can attract followers from each others’ accounts.

4. Grow Your Follower Organically

If you choose to buy Instagram likes, you need to be extra careful simply because it looks like things are too easy; just pay X amount of dollar, and you’ll get X number of followers. In reality, it’s quite difficult in identifying quality services. In this case, you can trust proven companies like Viplikes.

Some words of caution: Although your follower count matters partly for your branding and social proof, not all followers are equal. Paid or not, there are bot-driven fake followers that will do nothing else but inflating your follower count. Fake followers don’t contribute towards making your business successful and take away the credibility of your account, making it look suspicious to the admins, and a turn-off to your real followers.

Promoting Instagram account

Promoting Your Instagram Account

Promoting only on Instagram is impeding your growth. Go all out with your promotion and use all the social platforms for cross-promotion. Facebook and Twitter can improve your chances of getting new followers on Instagram as users who aren’t aware of your Instagram presence can know about it from these sources.

Don’t forget to link your Instagram account with your official website as it boosts your visibility among the users. During the cross-promotion, your focus should not be on urging the users to follow you on Instagram and raising awareness about the new unique posts they can see only through Instagram. You can entice them with appealing teasers about your Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV series.


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