3 Reasons You Need Business Networking In 2021

Business networking is something that many professionals avoid wherever possible at the best of times.

And it appears many of us have become even more accustomed to the antisocial life under lockdown this year, hiding away even from Zoom calls and group chats.

But 2021 will be a crucial year for business, one that means cutting corners and missing opportunities isn’t an option.

Business networking event

This includes business networking, and in this article we explore just three reasons that your business can’t do without it. Take a look!

1. To connect with your customers

Your customers are the most important part of your business – after all, they’re what keeps it ticking on!

And though most businesspeople often don’t consider networking in this way, it can be a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself to potential future clients.

The best networking opportunities for you will depend on the type of business you offer – for B2B, tap into spaces accessed by other professionals. Meanwhile, if you’re a B2C business trying to establish yourself as a local enterprise, attending events in your area is a great way to meet potential customers and let them know that like them, you’re invested in your community, instantly setting you apart from your competitors.

2. To learn from other pros

In these tough times for business, it’s great to learn tricks of the trade from others in similar position

Many networking events are currently unavailable for obvious reasons, but there are plenty of alternatives out there.

If you don’t feel like going through another Zoom conference, consider joining a business hub such as Arise Innovation. This is a unique networking opportunity that allows you to connect not only with other professionals, but academics too, opening you up to a wealth of expertise that can be seriously beneficial for your business’ development.

Some of the individuals you meet may have their own secrets to navigating times of economic challenge, whilst others may be new and inexpert when it comes to navigating the business world. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of experience, networking hubs will expose you to others from a range of industries, bringing you into contact with valuable experience you may not otherwise have discovered.

3. Personal growth

Business networking can be a highly useful tool with which to further your personal development.

For instance, meeting new people allows you to grow your confidence and gives you the chance to perfect your pitch.

Networking can be the start of a number of close friendships that don’t necessarily have to be solely business connections. On a personal level, this is an excellent thing to have and can lead to a greater sense of fulfilment in your life – after all, your business is important to you, but other things matter too!

These are just three reasons your business can’t do without networking in 2021.

Got any business networking tips? Share them with us in the comments below.


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