6 Smart Ways to Tell Good Link Building Services from the Bad Ones

SEO is one of the top marketing strategies to get your name out there. Consisting of a whole range of different factors like keywords, site structure, mobile-friendliness, technical aspects, and so much more, it does get a little complicated at times to manage it all.

Link building strategies

But, when addressed one part at a time, you can effectively put the puzzle together to form a workable SEO strategy. Among the whole list, links are ranked in the top two criteria within Google’s page ranking algorithm.

Link Building is the process of gathering valuable backlinks that directs users to your website and in turn, makes Google believe in your authority. The higher the number of your backlinks, the higher would be your SERP.

Simple, isn’t it?

Not really. Link Building is believed to be one of the most challenging tasks of SEO. It not only requires time and effort but, also a well-planned strategy that leaves you in Google’s good books. The process involves finding relevant webpage owners, creating relationships, brand building, leveraging an outreach in addition to a plethora of other concerns.

Link building services takes the responsibility of link building off your shoulders and provides you with relevant and rich backlinks that benefit your website rankings. However, there are some dos and don’ts.

Read on to find some policies to differentiate the good services from the bad ones.

Don’t be Cheap

Link Building at this point is like going grocery shopping. Nearly everyone around you understands the value created and the value provided. There is always an average market price available to know how the services are priced. With link building, there are multiple costs attached like writing fees, quality control and admin management.

The same way how you wouldn’t trust someone offering you “the best” groceries at half the price, refrain from falling for services that charge you a nominal fee for a quality job. There are heavy chances that either they are lying or the backlinks would do you no good.

Don’t Pay for Guest Posts

Guest Posting is the exercise of writing a blog or article for someone else’s site in return for mentioning the author profile and backlinks. SEO campaigns encourage guest posting to build authority and presence.

Although there is a dark side to it. Some websites tend to ask for a fee for guest posting. Remember, paid linking has the potential to open you up to penalties by the search engine. Plus, a site that charges you for guest blogs is most probably not worth your time and money.

Avoid Buying Links in Bulk

Backlinks that root from blog comments, article directories, and irrelevant sites hold power to do some severe damage to your search engine page ranking. The rule of thumb here is, if you can buy a ton of them for a small prize then, you need to turn around and make a run for it. It is quite probable that such sites are blacklisted and shall eventually take you down with them.

Google ruthlessly penalizes unmoderated blogs with endless comments and directories filled with keyword stuffed articles. They are considered as spam links that form a part of Black Hat SEO techniques. All your link building efforts could go down the drain with just one such package.


Stay Away from Sites Like Fiverr

Fiverr is possibly the accumulation of everything we have talked about here. It hosts several providers who can offer “cheap” services to bring your site to the top. Relying on link farms and directories, they create a linking pyramid between themselves to give you a false standing in the market.

Google doesn’t care if you have the most number of backlinks in the world. They only matter if those links have quality and credibility. In fact, if you suddenly appear in a whole bunch of links that are entirely irrelevant to you, the algorithm can hurt your rankings for good.

Check the Organic Reach of the Sites

Tools like SEMRush allow you to do a complete competitor analysis in terms of keywords, traffic, audience and digital presence. Using the same feature, you can verify the credibility of the site that forms a part of your link building efforts. It goes without saying that a site with low or no traffic shall not be of any use to your SEO standing.

On the other hand, you could segregate the sites that have a significant level of reach and approach them for external backlinks. The key here is to provide value to the owner’s website through your content marketing techniques. Done correctly, this method can fetch you some high-quality links that shall boost your SERP.

Quality over Quantity at All Times

No matter which link building service you use, there are certain checkpoints that could keep you safe and in control of your backlinks. You should always ensure that –

  • There isn’t any no-follow tag on the web page
  • The content is unique and relevant to your niche
  • Links are placed naturally within the content
  • The website has appropriate domain authority
  • The site has incurred no penalties

Keeping a check that all your links root from a quality source, you can be assured that the link building activities would bear fruit in the long run.

SEO consultant advising a client


Link Building Services can either make your SEO a dream come true or a complete nightmare. To benefit from your efforts, you should always look at three factors – anchor text, content and site relevancy.

The more quality that you produce through your content, the higher Google shall rate your authority. Hence, it is always important that you couple your link building activities with the content marketing values.

Yes, link building can be tiresome and endless at times. That is why the services that actually give you the best bang for your buck are scarce and valuable. The link building experts at Linkflow can help you devise a strategy for a safe and effective link building campaign. What matters here is that you don’t make it a one-time process but an ongoing one to find the right places that hold your reputation upright.


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