Essay Writing Tricks That Will Make Writing Assignments a Breeze!

Every student groans when assigned to write an essay. Essays are tedious to write because you have to do so much work. In today’s day and age, there is so much to do and so many distractions that there are a ton of things that you’d rather do than completing boring schoolwork. But essay writing is an important skill to have. It pays off when you put in college applications, are pursuing higher studies, or even working in a large company.

Writing for assignment

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So how do you drag yourself out of bed to bash out a fantastic essay? Let’s find out!

Clear the Clutter

If you find that you’re dragging your feet when it comes to writing an essay, one of the first things to do is cut out all distractions. Is your room messy? Does your desk need to be tidied up? All of these things become incredibly important to you when you decide to start writing an essay. It is also essential to have a clean and tidy workspace because it helps you focus.

Another thing you need to declutter is your mind. To do this, you have to switch off from the world of social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit that you’re addicted to, you have to turn your phone on silent and keep it away from where you work. This makes sure that your mind doesn’t zero in on any notifications that you’re alerted about or think about the new things you could see on your feed.

Switch up Your Progression

One of the things that people get stuck on when writing an essay is how to write a beautiful introduction. Introductions are essential as they set the tone of the rest of your piece. Because of the importance you’re ascribing to it, you’re setting yourself up to delay writing it till you get it perfect. Instead of procrastinating like this, skip writing the introduction first.

If you have an excellent idea for a conclusion, write that first. If you’re having a moment and the points for the body is coming at you fast, write them down and flesh them out. There is no reason you have to write an essay chronologically unless you’re in an exam hall. Tune in to how productivity is coming to you and exploit the energy to ensure you’re on track.

Use References

This is a simple trick that can take you from a C to a B or a B to an A. Adding references and citations to your essay can go a long way in giving your work a polish. It shows your teacher how much of effort you’ve put in, and it’s an easy way to substantiate your arguments. Using references can also add content to your essay as you can paraphrase them into your writing.

Researching references and citations can also expand the scope of your argument. You might find points you could add to your essay and explanations of aspects you didn’t fully understand. Research can develop your understanding of the topic and help prepare you for the end-of-year examinations!

Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends

When you write something as substantial as an essay, you lose perspective of the bigger picture. Because you’ve done so much research into the topic, you might get caught up with the little details and facts to realize glaring mistakes. This is why it’s crucial to have an outsider evaluate your work and give it a once over. You can use editing tools for grammatical errors, but they can’t tell you if your narrative is flawed.

If you’re good at this, you can offer to help others with essays to make sure you have someone to review your work when you need it. This can help you build up a great network of study buddies that will ensure you stay on top of your schoolwork throughout the year. If this doesn’t work, you can also connect with online tutors or find essay writing help at You can use their resources to help others with essays and other assignments.

Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

When you write an essay, you tend to get caught up in making and substantiating your arguments. It’s challenging to keep your focus on the big-picture elements like the progression of the argument, the narrative flow, and the tone or style of your piece. This is why it’s essential to plan out a skeleton of your essay before you start writing.

In your skeleton, write down the topic of your essay and your main argument. Next, list down your points one by one and add notes where you want to include citations and references. You should also note the style of essay you’re writing and the tone you’d like to use. This way, if you take breaks between writing, you will have a handy list you can refer to so you pick up where you left off.


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