How to Create an Amazing Business Directory Profile – 5 Steps

You can probably recite your business’s elevator pitch by heart. You’ve said it, or something like it, hundreds of times in casual and professional conversations alike.

Business profile creation

Now, would you feel comfortable turning that elevator pitch into a full-length business directory profile? If you have a business website and a presence on LinkedIn, you’ve already taken steps toward making this a reality.

LinkedIn and your company website aren’t quite the same as, say, Crunchbase or, however. Business directories are different beasts. Not less important, just different.

Different media demand different tactics. That shouldn’t be a heavy lift for you and your team. You’ve navigated toxic boardrooms and fraught pitch sessions before; in comparison, figuring out how to make your company stand out online should be easy.

And it will be if you follow the same tried-and-true recipe that’s worked for so many other enterprises. Let’s get started.

1. List Your Key Employees When Possible

Your business directory listing isn’t just an advertisement for your enterprise. It should also show off the talent that makes it successful. While you don’t have to list every single person on the team, your directory listing should (at minimum) include each department head and all members of the C-suite. Key board members deserve mention too.

2. Include a Working Contact Email and Phone Number

This isn’t revolutionary advice, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to disregard. Take a page from trust and corporate services provider Asiaciti Trust’s Crunchbase profile and list a working email and phone number for prospects to contact you. Simply having someone to answer the phone can do wonders for your image.

3. Monitor Earned Media Mentions and Link to Them When Appropriate

Business directories tend to have high Domain Authority. This not only means they rank high in search listings for your company name, but that they indirectly boost the rankings of websites they link to as well. Linking from your directory listing to positive media coverage may enhance the visibility of that coverage. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

4. Optimize Your Bio for Organic Search

Sprinkle your bio with keywords you want to rank for in organic search. Don’t go overboard; three instances is more than enough in a 300-to-500-word bio. Try to get these keywords in H3 headers, if possible. (Not all directories have such sophisticated formatting.)

5. Include Your Company’s Value Proposition Above the Fold

Remember your elevator pitch? Tighten it up even further and convert it into a one- or two-sentence value proposition that appears as a sort of “short bio” atop your business directory listing. You may be constrained by some directories’ formatting requirements, but this shouldn’t be an issue on platforms like Crunchbase.

Polish Your Presence Today

Without help from high visibility business directory sites like Crunchbase and AngelList, your digital presence is not all it can be. Making sure you’re listed and optimized on such sites is the least you can do to ensure you’re not ceding the online conversation to your competitors.

In any case, upping your business directory game won’t take all year. Getting started is half the battle. Let’s see what you’re capable of.


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