6 Things to Evaluate During Uncertain Periods of Your Life

Most people experience periods of uncertainty at different times in their lives. As you age and grow, you change as a person. Sometimes, those changes happen gradually, and sometimes they occur seemingly overnight.

Thinking about life

If you or your life circumstances have changed, you may feel unsettled or uncertain about the future. It may be tempting to push those feelings away, but it is a good idea to see them as an opportunity to evaluate your life and implement positive changes.

1. Belief System

Everyone has a unique set of beliefs that they adhere to. Those beliefs often help shape the identity of each person, and if those beliefs are shaken at any time, it can be difficult to cope. Your religious, political, and moral views help you make sense of the world. Those beliefs can evolve as you learn about the world through the filter of your own experiences.

Explore other belief systems to educate yourself about other ways of seeing the world and incorporate the parts that seem right to you. Consider joining groups, such as bipartisan political organizations like No Labels, or attend services given by other religious groups. Remember to remain respectful of others at all times during your interactions, even if you decide that their views do not mesh with your own.

2. Long-Term Goals

While some people figure out what they want and stick with that dream their entire lives, that is not always the case. The things you wanted when you were a child are probably not the same things you want now. If you feel lost, it may be because the goals you are working towards no longer matter.

Rid yourself of your expectations and try to picture the perfect life. Imagine your ideal family, friends, career, and hobbies, and use that to determine your new goals. If you worked to become a successful accountant but dream of life as an electrician, it might be time for a change. Remember that long-term goals won’t be achieved right away. Take small yet consistent steps toward your goals, and you will be surprised by your progress.

3. Location

When looking for a permanent place to live, most people do not stray too far from where they were raised. There are many benefits to living in the same area you grew up in. The presence of family members and lifelong friends allows you to enjoy a steady support system. The familiar weather patterns, landmarks, and cuisine can be comforting.

However, the lack of change may lead to feelings of stagnation. It can be difficult to grow as a person if you are surrounded by people who expect you to stay the same. Even if your friends and family support your personal growth, you may find that you dislike the location for other reasons. Look at your location and home with fresh eyes to figure out if it really makes you happy.

Circle of friends

4. Social Circle

A shifting social circle can leave you feeling lonely or confused. As your friends and family members experience life changes, their relationships with you may change. If you are single while your friends are all married, or if you and your partner are ready to start a family while your friends are enjoying the single life, that can lead to conflict.

If certain relationships have become toxic, it may be time to end contact. Think about your friendships objectively to determine if they offer fulfillment to everyone involved.

5. Health

Your health has a big impact on your entire life. If you feel ill, in chronic pain, or have stopped taking care of yourself, getting through the day can be a struggle. Get in touch with your body and take the time to evaluate your habits.

Most people know that they need to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, but life often gets in the way. Think about whether you are doing well or if you need to create a new routine that prioritizes your health.

Do not neglect your mental health, either. During times of uncertainty, you may experience feelings of anxiety, burnout, or depression. Carve out time each day to relax and recharge, and talk to a professional if you believe you need help.

6. Comfort Level

If you feel uncertain about aspects of your life, you may be tempted to make big changes. However, it is important to consider your comfort level with certain activities. Changes can be stimulating and help you grow as a person, but the wrong changes can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Start small and experiment to figure out what you really want to do before taking action.

Going through a period of uncertainty is usually not fun. However, if you view it as a chance to learn and grow, you can tackle the challenges with a clear head.


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