How Can Your Team Benefit From Using An RSS Feed Reader?

We all need a helpful boost throughout the day to get all the work done at the job.

Working with a lot of information on top of daily responsibilities creates undue stress, and that’s why RSS comes in quite handy to declutter your digital life at work.

RSS feed reader

Armed with the right RSS feed reader, there’s not much you can’t achieve, and if you’re the boss, equipping your team with RSS readers is a smart move.

What is an RSS feed reader?

RSS feed reader is a handy application, whether browser-based or available to download on mobile devices, which syndicates content from sites with RSS feeds and presents any new updates in the order of their publication date. That’s what we mean by Really Simple Syndication, which is – you guessed it – the namesake for RSS. RSS has been around since the start of the Internet and is the basis for a lot of current technologies.

Browsing the latest podcast episodes in your profile on Spotify? Checking followed channels on YouTube? Getting newsletters in your inbox? That’s all because RSS did it first even though right now it’s not as popular as it used to be.

Why is it relevant for your business?

If you haven’t used RSS in a good long while, you might not fully understand what an RSS reader can do for you in the office.

RSS has undergone a major glow-up over the last decade, which directly places it in the category of productivity tools. And we can all use a little bit of productivity in our work day.

What truly makes RSS attractive to business owners is the abundance of features at a relatively low price compared to similar tools.

RSS feed

How can your team benefit from using RSS feeds?

For one thing, RSS feed readers integrate well with other applications. Inoreader, for instance, has built-in integration with Pocket, OneNote, Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox. That’s one way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important. Given its support for regular expressions and easy integration with Zapier and IFTTT, you can do just about everything with our Inoreader account.

Additionally, Inoreader has made strides to create a more collaborative experience thanks to the introduction of Teams.

Helps them find the information they need

RSS should never have gone out of fashion, because it’s incredibly useful in getting the exact and most relevant information through user-based curation. In a landscape dominated by distractions from all sides, ever-increasing volume of content and feeds controlled by nebulous algorithms you are faced with higher barriers to the information you actually need.

RSS gives you control. There is no algorithm. You see everything in a chronological order. What you do receive, however, is smart discovery. Inoreader prides itself on being able to recommend a whole host of useful feeds based on interest, popularity and relevance.

Saves them time

Time is always of the essence. Now more than ever, and the one thing we can’t get back. What we have to do is use every second to the fullest, which means getting rid of unnecessary labor. This is where automation comes in to save the day.

RSS is the embodiment of automation. Everything you do is allocated to a single dashboard and you do not have to visit each site on your own. Subscriptions are also automatically refreshed and you don’t have to leave your RSS reader to consume content. Inoreader also integrates with social media so you can share relevant articles to your accounts without any additional steps.

Inoreader keeps everything in a smart, intuitive app, but also additionally empowers users through the addition of a browser extension, which further automates your workflow on your browser.

Brand mention

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Enables them to follow the brand mentions and relevant keywords

You don’t need a social media listening tool when you’ve the right RSS feed reader in your arsenal. RSS readers are truly versatile – a development that’s been happening for years as readers evolved to support more than just news sites, forums and blogs.

Support for a variety of media formats and platforms translates into opportunity to track updates across social media whether it’s from LinkedIn and Quora or Twitter and Instagram. With so much at your disposal, it’s effortless to perform brand monitoring at a reduced cost with just the most relevant keywords.

Inoreader further empowers users to accomplish this through its excellent Twitter support, which allows it to follow hashtags or searches, Google Alerts and its superior search features.

Helps them spot trends in the industry

If RSS has one great strength, it’s how adept it is at structuring information from multiple sources and allowing its users to see a greater story form. Inoreader is especially adept at this thanks to the variety of filters and rules you can apply to your subscriptions that isolate articles and headlines based on a predetermined set of criteria.

With enough determination and eye for detail, you’re able to anticipate larger consumer trends that are coming your way. This can be in the form of specific product demands, the rise in popularity of a certain design element, or an uptick in sales due to a busy period.

Helps them keep track of the competitors

From everything you’ve heard so far, it’s no surprise to learn you can monitor your competitors with the same relative ease through RSS. Thanks to its support for social media platforms, you’re able to keep a close eye on their company accounts with ease to learn what they’re doing directly from the horse’s mouth.

The rest can be done through Google Alerts or active searches on Twitter on their brand mentions. It’s definitely useful to keep track of competitors as you’re able to study their next move and even poach some of their disgruntled customers, especially if they’re too slow for the draw.

This method is quite useful when it comes to monitoring well-established market leaders as it is for tracking newcomers, startups and self-proclaimed disruptors.


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