7 Questions To Ask Your Attorney During An Accident Consultation

After you face an accident, you should contact an attorney to help you out, especially if the accident will cost you tons of money. This matters if you got hurt at work, in a car accident or in other situations where it wasn’t your fault.

Accident consultation

As you visit with an attorney, you should ask these seven questions during your accident consultation.

What Legal Action Do You Think Is Best for My Situation?

Since accidents will vary based on the context and people involved, you need to ask your attorney this question. You can take different forms of legal action, which will also vary depending on the area you live in. By asking your attorney this question, you can get an idea of what he or she thinks will be the best approach for your situation.

This will also help you test your attorney’s knowledge of the area. If your attorney can bring up points specific to your state or multiple approaches you can take, you can gauge your attorney’s knowledge. This works as a good starting point when working with attorneys since you need to know what you should do in your situation.

What Type of Evidence or Information Should I Share With You?

On top of talking about the accident itself, you need to see what evidence you can bring to the case. Without evidence, you can’t prove your point, which could lead to losses and additional legal fees. Make sure your attorney understands which types of evidence can help you secure the case in your favor.

For example, if you are talking with a Tampa car accident lawyer about a car crash you were in, you could use insurance information to your advantage. You can also cite medical bills and other expenses as proof of losses on your part. The evidence and information needed will vary based on your case, so ask your Tampa car accident lawyer about it.

Will You Give Me a Rundown of Your Plan?

After you go over these details, you need to understand what your attorney has planned for the situation. Find out the best course of action for the situation, so you can take the best course of action in regard to your accident, which can help you succeed and win your court case.

This will also help you see if your attorney knows how to prepare for the situation and help you with it. If your attorney can give you a general plan, you know he or she has some solid experience and knowledge with your type of case. Don’t expect a highly detailed plan but go in there wanting to get a general idea of what you should do.

What Is Your Experience With Cases Like Mine?

This question helps you see what your attorney knows about the process. By asking for his or her experience, you can get an idea of how long your attorney worked in the field. You can ask for specific examples of cases he or she worked on in regard to your type of accident.

When you go to court, you want someone who can help you win the case. By asking your attorney this question, you can see if he or she has enough experience for your situation. This makes this question a great way to get a feel for your attorney to see if he or she can handle your case.

What Is My Role in The Process?

Keep in mind your attorney won’t do all the work: you will also need to work with your attorney throughout the process. You should ask your attorney what you need to do throughout the process while giving you a rundown of your role. By doing this, you can better understand what you should do while preparing for court.

On top of that, you should find out what you need to avoid doing or saying in court. You want to maximize your odds of succeeding, so you need to know if you should avoid certain words or phrasing to help yourself succeed with your court case.

How Much Do You Charge?

As you speak with your attorney, you need to understand how much he or she charges for attorney fees. Attorney fees are a major part of the accident consultation process, so you need to understand how much you will pay. After all, you need to know if your attorney is within your budget when it comes to legal fees.

While you want to win your court case, you always need to consider what will happen if you lose. If you can’t win it, you will need to cover all legal costs, so you must make sure you can afford to pay your lawyer for his or her work before you hire one.

Are There Any Laws in My Area That Matter to This Case?

Keep in mind different cities, states and areas will have their own sets of laws you must consider. While federal laws will have an impact on the case, you should also ask about local laws in regard to your accident case. That way, you can make sure you cover all your bases when it comes to your legal situation.

You can also use this question to see if your lawyer has experience with the local laws. If he or she does, you have better odds of doing well with your case since your lawyer can help you by taking advantage of those laws and points.


Since your position in a legal case will vary, you need to ask these questions during your consultation. Not only will they help you get more information on your case, but you can find out if the attorney is a good fit for it. Make sure you ask these questions to get the most out of your case, so they can help you increase your chances of winning.


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