17 Best Android Apps to Study

Smart assistants have long become an integral part of our life. Most people associate gadgets with entertainment, but with their help, you can simplify the study of the curriculum.

College student using study apps

Experts have long been introducing applications that are highly communicative and make student tasks much more accessible. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of the best applications to improve academic performance and the learning process.

Castle Quiz

Spend time usefully and test your knowledge in a variety of subjects: history, geography, biology, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics together with the Castle Quiz application. After each intellectual battle, you can learn the correct answers, and in some subjects – to get explanations. Castle Quiz is an addictive application that helps knowledge to settle in your head faster and more reliably.


The main advantage of the application is that it is not at all necessary to enter huge equations with many characters – Photomath easily recognizes printed text, and it does it very quickly. Just open the application and point the camera at the expression, and the program will do everything for you. The answer will immediately appear on the screen. Photomath made a mistake only 1 time out of 10 when recognizing text – an excellent result, considering how quickly this operation occurs. The developers also considered the possibility of a miss and added an expression editing function – if the application reads the desired text incorrectly, you can always correct the recognized equation. The application solves simple linear equations and systems with two unknowns and also counts logarithms and partially integrals.


The Lingvist mobile application will help you to improve your English and French quickly. It offers to learn the most used words and phrases, make prompts, adjust to the user’s level and monitor his progress. Also, there is a section of grammar rules and tables in the application, the possibility of voice input, and other valuable functions.

Homework on time | Expert help 24/7 | Studybay

How often have you had difficulty doing your homework? Studybay is your online assistant. You can order papers for money, and experts will help you prepare a document in the shortest possible time. For example, you need help writing a presentation or a business plan writing service. Studybay has a team of over 52,000 tutors and experts who are well-versed in various academic disciplines and sciences. Therefore, you can find a writer for any assignment and any difficulty because the authors have advanced degrees, years of experience, and excellent writing skills. With Studybay, you will receive personalized help, improve your grades and gain a deeper understanding of the subject.


iStudiez is a study app that reminds you of your upcoming plans. IStudiez makes it easy to schedule lessons, write homework, and take student notes. An excellent plus of the application is the ability to synchronize with a computer.

College student busy preparing for an exam


With Quizlet , you can better prepare for exams, tests and explore new concepts. You can create interactive maps, watch tutorials, and use cheat sheets created by other students on this platform. Quizlet makes it easier to learn foreign languages, history, vocabulary, and science.


If you are a mind mapping lover, forget about old-fashioned notebooks and use XMind. In this application, smart maps are a visual display of information in a tree diagram. XMind helps you structure information and memorize it faster.


YouTube has tons of educational content channels. Therefore, if you are better at memorizing audio material, you can use YouTube. You can also find channels for preparing for exams or a blog of someone who shares tips for admission to an educational institution on this platform.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a versatile mobile office suite with support for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs, and Adobe PDF documents. The program can open any online textbooks, teaching aids, tests, presentations. Note that the application takes up little memory – only 50 MB so that you can install it on any device, even with a minimal amount of memory.

Audio Memos

Students more and more often prefer to record lectures on a dictaphone and disassemble and take notes after classes. Audio Memos allow you to make high-quality voice recordings, which will perfectly distinguish the teacher’s voice, even if you are sitting at the other end of the classroom.


If you have compiled a bibliography at least once, you perfectly understand how difficult it is because you need to make sure that the sources are added correctly and in the required quantity and format. EasyBib helps you compile a bibliography by scanning the barcode of the book. Depending on where you study and what type of paper you are composing, EasyBib can compile MLA, APA, and Chicago styles bibliography.

Students learning together


During stressful studies or exam preparation, each student needs to detach from the outside world and focus on matters. In Offtime, the user can set a specific time during which his phone will not receive calls, SMS and will not even let him go to social networks or other useless applications. An exception can be made for the closest relatives and friends.


Alarmy is the most excellent app for students who are especially afraid to oversleep an exam or lecture. Alarmy is an alarm clock that you cannot turn off with one click. Instead, it would help if you did a particular action, such as taking a photo of a specific object, solving a math problem, etc. After that, you are unlikely to fall asleep again. By the way, this application has already been installed on devices of 13,000,000 users around the world.

Lost On Campus

Lost On Campus is a unique app designed specifically for Australian university students, whose huge campuses are more like real cities, and it’s easy to get lost in them. The app includes detailed interactive maps of Australian university campuses and helps you quickly find classrooms, dorms, canteens, or restrooms.


In Citymapper, you will find interactive maps of major cities globally with public transport stops and up-to-date route schedules, which will be helpful to any student in the early stages of living abroad or while traveling. By the way, the list of available cities is constantly growing, and on the application website, any user can vote to add an interactive map of their city.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is one of the most user-friendly note-taking apps. The ability to group notes into folders and subfolders is excellent for taking notes on various subjects. The date and time of creation will be automatically displayed under the heading, and you no longer have to remember what day the lecture was. The text of a note is built using blocks: you can write anywhere on the page and use all the features of a familiar text editor. Lines and sentences can be easily selected within a block and dragged anywhere. You can add voice comments, files to each note or draw sketches using the stylus after synchronizing with the tablet.


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