What Can Credit Saint Do for My Credit?

Credit Saint is a distinguished name in the credit fixing industry. The company promises to boost your score by challenging reporting mistakes. It can improve the borrowing histories compiled by three national bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. But what methods does it use, and how effective are its services? Find out in our guide.

Credit repair

This is one of the first companies of this kind — you can learn more about its background in this Credit Saint review. Today, this 17-year-old provider has a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a rarity for the industry. Feedback from customers is also predominantly positive. These factors are important for choosing a credit repair company.

General Information About Credit Repair

The term repair refers to the correction of inaccuracies on official reports. No credit bureau is infallible, and one in five Americans see their scores plunge due to such errors. The consequences could be dramatic, as the indicators are used by lenders, recruiters, insurers, and even landlords. The ramifications stretch far beyond high-interest rates.

How Credit Saint Works

If you are planning to take out a loan, check where you stand in advance. This is easy to do through the My FICO website or apps like Credit Sesame. If the total seems too low, you may need to enlist the help of Credit Saint. The company will find and dispute any mistakes it will be able to prove.

The disputable inaccuracies include any incorrect, outdated, incomplete, misleading, biased, or unverifiable details. After finding inconsistencies in your records, the firm will communicate with the lenders to verify the information and collect evidence for formal disputes. Then, it will send formal letters to the bureaus involved. They may need to contact one, two, or all three agencies depending on the condition of your records and your preferences.

Note that only incorrect information may be deleted. There is no legal way to remove verifiable entries. Any company that promises to boost your score in this way is a scammer. As a reputable provider, Credit Saint does not guarantee the impossible.

Not Just Repair

Unlike some of its competitors, Credit Saint does not only fix the score on your behalf. The company helps its customers to rebuild their histories and become more responsible borrowers overall. This work has lasting positive effects. Clients of the firm become more financially literate — they learn to manage their budgets better.

Not every provider gives refunds. With Credit Saint, the conditions are convenient and transparent. The company offers a 90-day guarantee — if it fails to make any changes to your records, you are eligible for a refund. This gives it an edge — for instance, Lexington Law does not have a refund policy. The initial consultation is also free!

Credit repair agent

Overview of Services

Like most companies in this segment, the firm divides its services into three bundles — for basic, intermediate, and aggressive repair. Every customer can choose the best value for the money depending on the severity of their case. For instance, when you need to remove a couple of minor errors, the cheapest plan should cover your needs.

Credit Saint will charge you a setup fee at the beginning, which is standard for this line of business. Also known as the first work fee, this payment launches the analytical work. Afterward, you are charged a recurring monthly payment depending on your plan.

In terms of pricing, the company is not focused on high competitiveness. The first work fee ranges between $99 and $195, while the monthly payment varies from $80 to $120. Importantly, the first month is always more expensive than the subsequent periods. Here is a basic breakdown of the packages.

1. Credit Polish

The cheapest plan is limited to the bare essentials. The company will collect your reports from all three bureaus and analyze them line by line to identify mistakes. Then, it will dispute up to five derogatories per billing cycle. This includes negative events like missed payments, collections, repossessions, and charge-offs. The only bonus is the Experian Score Tracker. You can monitor the progress via the web portal.

2. Credit Remodel

On this level, the repair is accelerated to 10 disputes per billing cycle. The rest of the services are the same.

3. Clean Slate

If you need unlimited disputes, this is your option. It unlocks the most aggressive type of repair for the most serious cases. On this level, the company may also remove inaccurate public records.

Is It a Good Company?

Based on the company’s official BBB rating and feedback from customers, the provider can be counted on. While every consumer can dispute reporting errors on their own, this is a challenging and complicated process. With assistance from the Credit Saint experts, you will achieve a boost much faster. A money-back guarantee gives customers peace of mind.

Credit Saint is more than a fixer. It helps customers improve their borrowing habits, so their scores can remain high for years. The official website features a timeline and progress report, so tracking is easy. The company will help you understand what factors affect your score, and how to improve it in the most efficient way.


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