10 Things All Frequent Business Travelers Should Have

Business travel is a way of life for many, and at times, it can get a little overwhelming. You’re constantly living out of a suitcase, catching multiple flights, and rushing to important meetings. However, while it can be stressful, there are ways to make it easier. By having the right things packed for every trip, you’ll not only be comfortable but organized.

Business traveler on the move

Below we are going to take a look at ten things all frequent business travelers should have.

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A pair of comfortable shoes

You probably know by now that business trips are anything but relaxing. You’re always on the go and don’t often get a chance to sit down. While your nice heels or shiny business shoes may be attractive, they aren’t very practical for running through the airport. Make sure that you pack some comfortable sneakers that you can wear in-between meetings. Trust us when we say your feet will thank you for it.

A lightweight suitcase

A suitcase is a travel essential for anyone, but you want it to be as lightweight as possible when you’re catching multiple flights and going to different cities. Not only will you be able to avoid extra baggage fees, but it will be much more comfortable to carry to and from your destinations. Just make sure that it is still sturdy and durable. The last thing you want is for it to break halfway through your trip.

A set of packing cubes

If you don’t plan on carrying a suitcase, you want to find ways to fit as much as possible in your carry-on. One of the best ways to do this is with specially designed packing cubes. Alongside keeping your clothing organized, they compress everything together to save your already limited space. However, keep in mind, it can still be handy to follow some of these other packing tips too.

A good credit card

While you might think that any business credit card will do for your travels, it’s important that you put a bit of thought into it. Most come with loyalty point systems that you can use towards flying and hotel accommodation.

The amex platinum card currently comes with great rewards. Be sure to read about the requirements before applying – things like credit score, income, credit history and other variables will all affect your odds of approval.

Travel wallet

A travel wallet

Once you’ve got your credit card, you’ll need somewhere to keep it safe, alongside all of your other important documents. A travel wallet has enough space for your cards, passport, boarding passes, and other essentials. It will be quicker to get through the airport and quicker to get through hotel-check in. You can even get ones with RFID-blocking technology so that all of your items are protected.

A portable charger

A portable power bank is undoubtedly one of the biggest essentials to have on any business trip. You’ll need to keep all of your devices fully charged to not only access important information but keep in touch with your loved ones back home.

When deciding upon which one is right for you, keep in mind how much charge it will actually hold. It can also be beneficial to look for one that has a built-in lighting cable as they will generally charge your devices twice as fast.

A good book

Nowadays, most people choose to bring along their laptops and tablets for entertainment purposes during trips. However, while they are great, you shouldn’t rely on them too heavily. You may already be staring at digital screens for work, and you want to avoid unnecessary eye strain.

To keep yourself occupied, invest in a good book to pass the time. If you’re not into reading novels, consider a puzzle magazine or adult colouring book. They have a range of different benefits, some of which include:

  • Relieving stress.
  • Exercising the mind.
  • Inspiring creativity.
  • Building mental strength.

Businessman listening to music via headphone

A pair of noise-canceling headphones

Getting sleep on airplanes and in hotels can be challenging with so much noise. By investing in some high-quality headphones, you can listen to ASMR, white noise, audiobooks, and music to unwind after a long day.

If you don’t want something as bulky as headphones, there are also great wireless earbud brands with noise-canceling technology too. They really are worth the investment, especially for those long flights.

A portable travel lock kit

It’s essential to take care of your personal safety during trips, and one of the best ways to do that is by purchasing a portable travel lock kit. These can be easily and quickly installed on your hotel room door so that nobody can get inside while you are sleeping. While not all accommodation will require this, it’s always better to be careful, especially if you are carrying confidential documents.

A few other safety tips to follow on your business travels include:

  • Locating nearest emergency services and learning phone numbers before your trip.
  • Researching rental companies and accommodation in advance to ensure reputability.
  • Carrying cash in a money belt instead of a wallet.
  • Installing a tracking app on your mobile that loved ones can use to locate your whereabouts.
  • Learning local laws and customs of the country to which you are traveling in advance.

A couple of non-perishable snacks

Finally, with all of that hard work you are doing, it’s important that you remember to take care of your physical wellbeing. Alongside exercising and drinking plenty of water, you want to make sure you are eating correctly. Try and remember to carry a few non-perishable snacks with you, like a bag of chips or muesli bar. This way, you can keep your energy up and tackle everything the day throws at you.

And that’s it! These were ten things that all frequent business travelers should have. By packing carefully and following a checklist, you can ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible.


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