Effective Ways to Find Reliable Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

Wholesale jewelry suppliers are one of the strongest backbones of the industry —most especially if you are a retail jewelry business owner.


For most entrepreneurs, finding a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier is the largest hurdle that they face. The capital and manpower can all be acquired with the right strategy, but everything can go down the drain if you can’t acquire yourself a proper supplier for your business.

There are a lot of things to consider when finding a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier. From their reputation to the value and quality of their products —there are just so many things that you need to consider.

Not to mention how you’re going to find them in the first place.

But don’t fret —we made you a quick guide on how to effectively find the right wholesale jewelry supplier for your business. Here are some of the best ways to do so:

1. Scour The Whole Internet For Wholesale Jewelry Companies

The first and probably one of the best ways to look for a reliable supplier is to search the internet.

Back then, you’d need to look through companies and manufacturers and talk to them in person to secure a deal but now, most companies have a strong online presence where you can reach them and negotiate a deal without having to personally travel to their location.

That’s why the wholesale-retail business is thriving. Business owners can practically source their products from anywhere in the world without being limited to their location.

In searching for wholesale jewelry companies online, be specific in your keywords. As much as possible, have an idea of which products you want or where you prefer your products to come from. Look for as many potential jewelry wholesalers that you could find. That way, you can compare each of them and get a general look at the market prices.

2. Be Specific In Your Location When Searching

The location of your wholesaler can alone dictate the prices of the products. While it may seem that it leans on the stereotypes of the market – it’s a valid deduction to make especially for small business owners who are looking for higher profit margins.

That’s because market regulations vary from country to country. Some countries will have higher price points for the same product while others will have lower prices because the wholesale and manufacturing industry is thriving with the competition. Countries like China, Korea, Thailand, and Mexico are well-known for producing great products with competitive price levels.

China probably is the world’s largest jewelry manufacturing center. You can find almost all types of jewelry or accessories from China. The major jewelry manufacturing centers of China locate in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Dong Guan and Shenzhen, so if you are searching for professional jewelry manufacturers, you should visit these cities.

If you want to source online, especially during the pandemic period, travelling is very risky; you can check an online one-stop jewelry & accessories wholesaler – JewelryBund.com. They have 100000+ various designs of quality jewelry and multiple jewelry categories. Moreover, they can do jewelry sourcing in China for you as well.

3. Look for Wholesalers with Extra Services

When it comes to finding a reliable wholesaler, you’re essentially looking for a business partner rather than someone who will simply supply your products.

A lot of people think that once they find a good supplier that can give them the products at a low price, the search will end there. However, aside from the low prices, you should also look for wholesalers who are willing to give you extra services and won’t skimp on your company.

The wholesalers market is incredibly competitive than many companies are more than willing to provide extra services to their clients in an attempt to woo them over. Take advantage of that so you can earn discounts on products, shipping, handling, and more.

Wholesalers that offer extra business services are also a sign that they are well-established in the field since they can afford to keep their clients happy beyond what is expected of them. Of course, you don’t want to accept wholesalers that give too-good-to-be-true deals!

Jewelry manufacturer

photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

4. Go Directly To The Manufacturer If Possible

Middlemen can easily balloon the costs of your products. Just think of it this way —each person that handles your product needs to be paid for their services. The more people that your product goes through, the bigger the fees you’re paying.

Going directly to the manufacturer will eliminate the middlemen or at least lessen the cost of handlers. This will help you keep the prices of your products competitive while keeping a high margin of profit. It’s easier to deal with manufacturers too. If you have a concern with the products that you received, they can directly address it instead of going from person to person.

Many manufacturers are now expanding their client list to small businesses and startups, which is contrary to the belief that they only accept big businesses that can avail high volume of purchases. So don’t be hesitant to go directly to them!

5. Compare and find the most professional jewelry suppliers with the desired niche

With the increasing demands and development of jewelry market, there are thousands of jewelry niches surface such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles, hair accessories in all sorts of materials. Due to the variation and complication of techniques and production procedures and requirements, one factory can hardly cover all the jewelry niches for manufacturing. Therefore, it is pivotal to find the most professional jewelry supplier or manufacturer for a specific jewelry type you want.

For example, if you are majorly doing earrings sales in your store or boutique, it is advisable for you to locate the best wholesale earrings manufacturer or factory to cooperate for sourcing. In this case, you will get the best quality of earring products and cheapest wholesale factory rates because the earrings manufacturer focuses solely on your desired niche and ensures the safety of the supply chain of your earring products.

6. Take Advantage of Business-To-Business Platforms and Marketplaces

If you’re looking for wholesale suppliers online, then you’re probably going to end up on certain platforms and sites where most major distributors and wholesalers gather.

Take Alibaba.com as an example. This platform is one of the largest business-to-business marketplaces and you can absolutely find everything on it, including jewelry. By using these types of platforms, you can easily browse and compare different products from different manufacturers to suit your business.

Many business owners also take in the comfort and ease of using B2B platforms and marketplaces since they are regulated and verified by the platform itself. That way, they’re certain that the wholesalers they’re dealing with are legitimate and won’t transact in bad faith. But of course, you still need to exercise caution and common sense every time.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personal Testaments

Customer reviews from your fellow business owners are your most reliable source of legitimacy when looking for a wholesale supplier that is trustworthy and provides excellent service. It pays a good deal to search for the past transactions and business dealings of the supplier that you’re considering.

You can also join different entrepreneurship and business groups to find out where other business owners get their jewelry from. If you’re located far enough from their business establishment that you two are not considered direct competitors, then they are more likely to share which company supplies their products.

The word of mouth is very important when it comes to the business industry. Reputation goes around easily so make sure to open your eyes and ears when finding a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier.


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