Why Connectivity Is the Future for Small Business

With hybrid and remote working being touted as the future of small businesses around the world, it is important to understand what this may mean for your business. There are changes afoot, and to keep ahead of the pack, you need to be technologically aware and connected. Research has shown that productivity remains high when employees work from home and that remote working has many advantages such as cost-cutting and even innovation.

Tech connectivity

If you are considering the move to remote working for your small business, there are a number of considerations. This article argues that the future of small businesses and their success will be dependent on business connectivity.

Networks and Connectivity

The networks are not only about e-linkages and virtual networks, but small business values are also very much about the actual linkages that you can make between your supply chain, clients, and customers. Your business needs to be able to link up and network with those who can help you achieve your business goals. In a local business setting, that will be everyone from the IT managed service; it may mean buying locally and ensuring that you have a local customer base.

The customer network can then also be extended and developed in the cloud. A local customer base is good and can be an actual customer/business interaction where the clients or customers connect both online and in the store or physical office. However, if the small business is to become a bigger fish, then there will need to be a significant online tribe prepared to follow and support the brand. These are the chief connections that a small business will need to energize and initiate.

Mobile Tech

Then yes, there is the cloud and the internet networks that your small business will need to survive. Gone are the days when the cool smartphone was a fashion accessory or only used to chat with friends and family. Mobile tech is the heart of current business connectivity, and you need to ensure that you and your team have the right hardware to stay in touch.

Working remotely means not only having a home office but also ensuring that you are able to access your data, information, networks, and customers regardless of where you are. This is where mobile technology becomes essential and ensures productivity is in no way compromised by your location or desire to move around.

This also extends to ensuring that you are connected to your customers via a range of platforms and apps. Whether they want to engage with you via their mobile app or through social media, you need to use extended connectivity to ensure they feel valued.

Networking and connections are the future of small businesses, and the only way that this can be done is through ongoing internet connectivity, smart mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Most small businesses will be a number of mobile workers who will need access to information and document templates from wherever they are at any time of the day. You must thus invest in systems and applications that can be used on mobile technology, support enhanced productivity and drive customer loyalty.


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