5 Years Running: Thryv Ranks on Selling Power’s Top “50 Best Companies to Sell For” in 2021

Every year, Selling Power magazine comes out with its list of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For, and Dallas-based SaaS company Thryv, Inc. (NASDAQ: THRY) has landed at #11 this year. This is the fifth time in five years that Thryv has been recognized.


The ranking is a testament to Thryv’s commitment to its employees and clients alike. CEO Joe Walsh takes great pride in this accomplishment, particularly given the economic realities of both 2020 and 2021.

The Criteria: What It Takes to Make the List

The annual list by Selling Power is heavily weighed and analyzed by a corporate research team from the magazine to ensure they provide the most objective and data-sensitive rankings. The magazine’s comprehensive application process takes into account companies of all sizes, even those with less than 100 people on the sales force team. This is the 21st year that Selling Power has compiled its list of the best companies.

Selling Power breaks it down into the following four categories:

  • Compensation/Benefits
  • Culture
  • Sales/onboarding strategies
  • Training/Coaching

The goal is to be as comprehensive as possible when evaluating each company. The thoroughness and credibility of Selling Power and its notable lists have made the magazine an established resource for talented professionals looking to work for the right companies. Selling Power is also committed to adjusting its selection and ranking process in a way that accommodates external and uncontrolled factors like ever-changing market conditions, technology, trends in selling, and more. This year was a standout year given the team had to factor in the effects of the unprecedented pandemic.

Climbing the Ranks

Since being named to the list five years ago, Thryv has moved up year over year. This is, in part, because of its versatile software’s competitive edge. Thryv offers an end-to-end client experience that no other company can match. Small business owners depend on the flexibility of the software to keep up with their daily demands. The configurations of each Thryv product were designed for both common and uncommon challenges that small business owners face on a regular basis.

When salespeople educate prospective clients about Thryv software, they are confident about what they’re selling. As they get to know each client, they can make personalized recommendations based on everything from scheduling preferences to new payment trends.

However, it’s not just the quality products of Thryv. It also has a lot to do with how its leadership team approaches their work. When the pandemic struck, CEO Joe Walsh and the entire Thryv team knew they would have to kick into high gear if they were going to help owners muddle through an uncertain time.

Chief Revenue Officer, Jim McCusker, said: “We responded quickly by helping our SMB clients to adopt technology by leveraging our Thryv software – helping them keep pace with today’s digital marketplace.” And it wasn’t just the pandemic. When Texas was hit with serious winter storms in February 2021, the company housed its employees and their families (and pets) in its 72-acre hotel. COVID-19 may have been an unprecedented time, but the responsiveness of the company was nothing new.

How Thryv’s Business Advisors Make It Happen

As we look back at the past year, we see just how important it is for people to find meaning in their work. When Selling Power compiles its list, the research team looks at whether companies offer fulfillment beyond a paycheck.

At Thryv, the business advisors take sincere pride in helping clients navigate any number of new and existing obstacles. They are the link between hard-working owners and the software that could change how they do business on a fundamental level.

Thryv has designed a platform that can help businesses reach more people, generate more glowing reviews, and settle invoices quickly and without hassle. The software provides a sense of security by giving owners and employees all the necessary tools to do their jobs.

Business advisors show clients how they can use the software to scale their business, and how it can help them do more in less time. Once clients see the full breadth of the programs, it often triggers new ideas that they can use to serve more customers, hire more employees, and expand their reach.

The sales team also has the chance to work with a variety of business owners, which gives them a chance to really delve into the realities of each industry. A party planner who’s managing major projects will use the software very differently from a pet groomer who services 15 different clients a day. Advisors apply their knowledge of the software for each client, and they watch revenue grow alongside their clients.

CEO Joe Walsh has always known the power of reliable programs, particularly when small businesses are in a constant struggle with their conglomerate counterparts. By empowering business advisors to empower his clients, he’s supporting SMBs all across the world. He’s also giving his employees the opportunity to share in the success of SMB owners, creating a culture at the company everyone can be proud of.

World-Class Sales Organizations”

Founder and publisher of Selling Power, Gerard Gschwandtner, said every company that earned a spot on the list was world-class. This statement takes into account more than just numbers on a page though.

His team took a deeper dive into each organization to ensure they were getting an accurate picture of what it really meant to work there. In addition to the central criteria, there were sections provided to each company to further define how they shape their culture. This is used to give the team further clarity when it comes to rankings.

Pivoting during the pandemic presented multiple challenges for sales reps. Not only did they need to get acclimated to a new environment, but they also needed to get their clients acclimated to a new environment too. If everyone was going to thrive, Thryv needed to set them up for success. Embracing the cloud became the new normal during a time of virtual and digital business operations and physical distance.

About Thryv

Thryv’s award-winning platform enables small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to modernize business functions so they can reach more customers, stay organized, get paid faster and generate reviews. With Thryv, clients can:

  • Create a digital customer database
  • Automate marketing emails and texts
  • Update listings across the internet
  • Schedule online appointments
  • Sending reminders and notification messages
  • Manage ratings and reviews
  • Generate estimates, send invoices, and process payments

Thryv delivers business services to more than 400,000 SMBs globally that enable them to compete and win in today’s economy. In addition, the company also connects local businesses to consumer services through search, display and social media management products via print directories featuring The Real Yellow Pages® tagline and local search portals.


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