Social Media Marketing: Tips On How To Grow Instagram Audience

Gaining more followers and expanding the influence are some of the primary concerns for businesses and nonprofits on Instagram. And as the mechanisms of ranking are changing, entrepreneurs have to come up with fresh ideas for increasing their fanbases.

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In this article, we shall discover the most effective tips for growing an Instagram audience and strengthen your position on this platform.

Paid Services

Unlike the common idea, modern boosting services have become more than a bot farm, although these still exist. But unlike bot farms, modern, trustworthy sites offer an option for any budget – you can buy 5000 or 5 Instagram followers if you find that quantity suitable for you, and these would be provided to you organically and harmlessly for your reputation. Choose wisely – search for sites that offer gradual delivery and real users.

However, the main idea remains the same – purchased stats cannot substitute the genuine appreciation of the public, and you can only use boosts as a trampoline for your blogging career to squeeze in the desired niche with a high competition rate.

Tell A Story

Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing instrument that looks like a digital photo album. It has an incredibly powerful influence on society.

Instagram forms many trends and gives a voice to those who could have never been heard without it. So, attractive photos now are just an attention hook that has to lead viewers to something more profound and valuable. What your followers want to see is your personality: lifestyle, thoughts, inspirations. The same statement is true for brands as well – simply having a good product is not enough to attract more customers. Brands now humanize their profiles, revealing personalized content.

All that is storytelling. By disclosing certain aspects of your life, your thoughts, opinions, and motivation, you gather a strong community of like-minded people who will become an essential part of your support and further growth.

Be Consistent

Consistency is vital in everything:

  • Posting schedule
  • Visual aspect
  • Topic range and niche of your blog

Modern users expect to receive content they like in many doses. So to not only grow but to retain your audience, you have to develop a suitable schedule for uploading new posts to your profile. On Instagram, the frequency varies depending on the content format – vanishing content, like Stories, requires more uploads, whereas regular feed posts can be uploaded less often.

Another important aspect of your progress is the visual consistency of your feed. It is much more effective for your account if you have an established style for your images, videos, and stories. Branding your content is a way to make it distinct among others.

Instagram Stories

Use Stories

Speaking of Instagram stories, it will never be stressed enough how effective they are for your blogging career. This form of content is proven to be the most engaging type for connecting and entertaining your audience. Many influencers have changed their focus to stories, sometimes not uploading feed posts for a week and more, although such practice isn’t very good.

Here are the main instruments that will help your blog to grow:

  • Question sticker. This is a form of Q&A content that enhances your connection with the viewers and brings better recognition of the brand. Users can leave their opinions in the offered field, and you can then repost these in stories in any form you wish.
  • Quiz sticker. This one is pure fun! This sticker is an engaging game and also a decent method to research the awareness of your audience.
  • Countdown. This sticker allows you to increase the interest in your upcoming events or any other activity that you want to attract attention to – product launch, Live session, etc.
  • Filters and masks. This is the ultimate power for your growth if your goal is to spread your influence further. With custom filters for stories, your content is visible to many users in a very subtle yet effective way.

The most important rule to keep up with is that you mustn’t overload your profile with stories. To make a real impact on your growth, you have to create a balanced schedule and manner of uploading stories. Remember that users get tired of talking heads very quickly, and you should provide more value and variety in your Stories. And before you promote them, make sure to review the Instagram stories ad specs so you have the best quality possible for maximum engagement.

Create High-Quality Content

Yes, the technical aspects are vital for your reputation. Modern viewers are a demanding lot, and you must meet their expectations. They want to see bright and detailed pictures and videos that don’t go all square. Luckily, nowadays, it is easier to reach impeccable visuals. A modern smartphone camera provides decent quality for mobile shots. But high resolution is not everything.

To gain an advantage over your competitors, it will be better for you to learn about composition, color correction, and balance. Learn the basics of human posing and placing the objects in your shots. And, of course, examine the potential of your smartphone model.

Many people aren’t digging deep in this matter, as basic settings are enough for their needs. But if you want to impress users with your work, explore how you can make more of your camera.

Provide Value

People also want some sense along with aesthetics, unless you will specify your account as a solely visual pleasure. But with the current level of competition in most niches for blogging on Instagram, you are obliged to provide more than just beauty. Add personal experience, helpful knowledge, and motivation, and your posts will become much more savable, as your materials will resonate with the public.

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As the platform develops swiftly, it can be hard to begin a career as a blogger on Instagram. But in fact, all it takes is your true wish to expose your personality and devote yourself to your blog’s growth.

Of course, you have to learn and watch the progress of your more established colleagues. But being passionate about your thing and providing high-quality content to your profile, you will inevitably reach your goals.


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