What is ‘OOH Advertising’, and How Can You Start Taking Advantage of it?

No, the term ‘OOH advertising’ isn’t simply reserved for advertising that might make people literally say “Ooh!” – even if that’s the effect you’re aiming for. The ‘OOH’ part of the term is, as you might have guessed, an acronym – and, as implied by Entrepreneur Handbook, stands for ‘out of house’.

OOH advertising billboards

You might also sometimes see OOH advertising referred to as ‘out of home advertising’ – but, whatever exactly you call it, you can see it in various places outside. You can see this advertising – to cite just three example settings – on billboards, at bus stops and in supermarkets.

However, why should you seriously consider spending on OOH advertising – especially when digital advertising platforms from the likes of Facebook and Twitter are beckoning?

OOH advertising vs. online advertising

It’s not hard to see the immediate appeal of pouring money into online advertising. Those ad platforms run by social media sites allow you to target specific demographics with your ads and so – at least theoretically – streamline your ad spend. However, online advertising also has easy-to-overlook drawbacks.

One of these is that, quite simply, many brands are already spending big on such advertising, potentially leaving your own brand struggling to get noticed amidst the noise. Another reason is that consumers have increasingly moved to block online advertising, aided by privacy-focused features like those in iOS updates.

“Basically, the punchline with iOS is that it’s becoming harder and harder to reach your target audience through digital ads,” Melanie Travis, CEO and founder of swimwear company Andie, recently told Digiday. “So a brand trying to navigate the waters needs to start diversifying more, faster than ever before.”

Did someone just say ‘diversifying’?

A diverse set of adverts is one thing you can certainly gain from turning to OOH advertising, which falls into various categories. These include billboard advertising, with the huge size of billboards affording brands significant visibility. Then there’s street advertising, which includes bus shelter advertising.

Why is OOH advertising so promising for your particular brand? Basically, it’s because OOH advertising spaces are sited where many of your customers likely already go. For example, billboards might line roads these people often take on their way to the local Tesco, which itself could contain plentiful advertising slots.

All of these advertising avenues are looking especially inviting as the pandemic recedes. “As people are rediscovering their same surroundings in new ways, with less crowded transit, outdoor dining and outdoor entertainment we would expect brands to start returning to the same formats in new ways,” Shane Pittson, vice president of growth at oral health brand Quip, revealed to Digiday.

How should you embark on an OOH advertising campaign?

If you do increasingly prioritize OOH advertising, you should make sure the marketing messages you choose for it are memorable – and get their point across quickly, as OOH advertising tends to only be seen fleetingly. You should also approach a company owning OOH advertising sites in towns and cities where you are especially eager to get the word out about your brand and its offerings.


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