How Can a Car Crash Lawyer Help Represent You Against a Drunk Driver Accident

Unfortunately, you may have to share the roads with drunk and irresponsible drivers. Car crashes are inevitable when a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A drunk driving accident can leave the victims severely injured or with a totaled car.

Car accident

If you accidentally get involved in a crash, you should immediately have a car crash lawyer represent you against the at-fault driver. Auto accident lawyers can cover various issues, including wrongful death, property destruction, personal injury, and liability determinations.

Here are all the ways in which an experienced lawyer can represent and win your case.

Impact Assessment

The rate of collision increases with a higher level of BAC (blood alcohol concentration). The DUI (drive under the influence) laws in the US vary from state to state and driver’s BAC. It’s best to work with a local lawyer for this reason.  For example, if you’re a Las Vegas residence, hiring a DUI Las Vegas Lawyer is the way to go.

Based on the intoxication levels and the charge count of the driver, the punishments can vary. These rules also differ for drivers below the age of 21. The punishments include driving license suspension, strict penalties, and imprisonment upon conviction.

In case of a drunk driver accident, it so happens that the driver either speeds away or tries to give a peace offering to let the matter go. However, one cannot estimate the accident’s impact at one glance to accept a peace offering or just some comforting words of sympathy.

  • The accident may have ruined your automobile entirely or partially.
  • You may have received severe injuries, blood loss, concussions, or internal injuries that may only appear after some medical tests.
  • You may have lost a loved one riding alongside in your car.
  • Your work may suffer due to injuries.
  • The mental stress and anxiety that follow have no bounds.

Being a victim yourself, it isn’t easy to have all this knowledge at the time. This is where a lawyer can help you measure the extent of your loss and gather evidence to present the loss for compensation.

Filing claims

Once the impact of the car crash is correctly determined, you have to file the claims. They include your material losses like impact, your medical expenses of tests, diagnosis, treatments, and post-treatment.

If you have lost any person traveling alongside, that also accounts for compensation. The claims will also extend to cover for lost wages in case of your absence for recovery, besides the compensation for your pain and suffering.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will try to buy out from providing rightful compensation to you after your accident. They will try to deny the hefty losses that you have incurred, which is why you need a car crash lawyer to justify your side of the bargain. The attorney will fight for your compensation.

Fight for Justice

The DUI laws in the US are strict. In accident cases, the driver may try to prove otherwise, saying that they did not drive under the influence or try to navigate the collision in another direction, implying the victim had a faulty driving pattern or some external factors led to the accident.

Your car crash lawyer can rightfully submit evidence against the drunk driver and ensure that they are punished accordingly. This will provide you some peace of mind and help reduce DUI incidents in the future, thus saving more lives on the road.

Post car accidents, people don’t know what to do or understand the full extent of the potential damages. Hire a car accident lawyer so that they can help you win the right compensation and benefits you deserve using their comprehensive knowledge and experience. They can file the right claims, and you can focus on recovering instead of handling the stress caused by the situation.


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