How Upselling Can Maximize Your Catering Business

If you have a successful event planning venture in the catering industry, then you’ve probably invested blood, sweat, and tears to make it thrive. Kudos to you! But are you taking advantage of every opportunity available in your niche?

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For example, if you specialize in catering for children’s events, are you making every effort to capitalize on this venue? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then we have a few ideas about how upselling can maximize earning potential for your catering business.

The Art Upselling and How it Can Maximize Earnings for Your Catering Business

The best way to squeeze optimal revenue for your catering service lies in the art of upselling. This is a savvy business strategy that offers your clients more options and add-ons that solves problems and renders more value to your service.

For instance, if you’re catering for a high-end anniversary party, you might entice your client with additional amenities for the event. Upselling is usually an unexpected surprise, something that clients might not have considered – and it can also be extremely lucrative. Read on for different ad-ons and upsell tactics that could take your catering business over the top in client satisfaction and revenue.

1. Offer Picky Eater Options

More and more, people are getting more selective about their diets, and they’re looking for alternatives at catering events. If your standard catering menu features chicken or salmon, consider offering a vegetarian option for an additional price. You may also think about providing gluten-free, keto/paleo or vegan options as an upsell to your regular catering menu.

2. Branch Out Into Ambiance

While you’re catering business might be all about delicious delicacies, it can’t hurt to branch into a few decorative options. This doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. You can negotiate with decorators in your area and split the profit for this upsell. This makes life easier for your client, as you can be their one-stop-service instead of them having to hire a decorator in addition to catering services.

3. Make Things Effortless

Think about what your clients are going through while their planning an event, and then strive to solve their problems. For example, if you’re catering for a wedding, you can offer edible party favors, guestbook services, or customized cocktails. These can all be add-ons that will make life easier for your client and put more money in your pocket.

4. Pump Up the Jam

Most catering events typically include music. So, think about investing in a mobile karaoke machine as a unique upsell to your catering business. After you’ve presented your mouth-watering menu to your client, suggest an added festive flair with a fun karaoke feature or DJ service. This is a popular upsell that could be quite profitable for your catering business.

5. Everything is Coming Up Roses

In the spirit of anticipating your clients’ needs and following the art of the upsell, you might consider offering floral arrangements at your catering events. You don’t know how to do it. All you have to do is negotiate and make arrangements with a reputable floral business in your area. This is a win-win because in splitting the profits, the florist gets a share and you’ve got extra income by simply suggesting a flower service to your clients.

6. Say Cheese

As a caterer, your first thought might be cheese platters, and that’s fair. However, we’re talking about photo opportunities at your next catering event. Think about upselling your client with photography services. You can collaborate with a professional photographer and agree to share the profits. Or, you could look into buying or renting a photo booth you can offer to your catering clients. The idea here is to be in tune with your clients’ needs and provide them with extra amenities for an additional cost.

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The Last Word on Upselling for Your Catering Business

These are just a few examples of how upselling can boost your business income. Additionally, upselling can improve your business reputation, leading to customer retention, referrals, and more. Even if all you do is cater, you can offer other solutions to your clients by negotiating with other service providers.

The potential earnings from upselling are only limited to your imagination. So consider your clients’ needs and start adding additional services for them today and begin seeing the benefits on your catering business’ bottom line today.


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