How to Conduct Competitive Analysis to Survive Competition for your Site

Competitive analysis is an essential factor to incorporate into a business strategy. It assists you to know your competitors, your ranking position compared to the competitors and tricks top competitors are using to increase ranking.

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis helps to know how to beat the competition. Remember, the success of your corporate is determined by your capability to recognize market changes and understanding what your competitors are doing. Without the competitive analysis, you cannot know where you stand among your competitors or who your business rivals are.

Being able to stand the competition and become one of the best is important. Remember, online customers have numerous options for buying products or services. Therefore, you need to know what you need to beat your competitors. You need to ensure your analysis is unbiased, maybe you could hire an agency to develop an analytical procedure.

Here is how to do competitive analysis.

Know Your Competitors

You will only know who your competitors are through competitive study. Many established businesses have a tendency of assuming they know their competitors. The truth is, there are many competitors out there, some of them you don’t know about. The assumption of knowing competitors without conducting a competitive analysis could result in confusing information. If you need to know your competitors, ask your current customers and potentials about competing businesses or products. Ask for various things like the main words your clients used, if the customers have come across similar sites like yours, companies that offer comparable services, and more.

You will also require to assess how the suspected competitors conduct their business. When it comes to search engine ranking, conduct an SEO competitor analysis to track down what the competitors do. This involves checking how they use keywords, their posts, and their writing style. If you have sales executives, consider asking them about your possibleclients and their habits. Their information can tell you where they go and who they buy from.

Use an Analysis Worksheet

A competitor study worksheet aids you to see where you rank among the competitors. This worksheet provides you a rating depending on the value you insert in the cell. You will need to insert different values to know where you and your competitors rank. The worksheet gives you a representation of your company and your competitors. make sure you choose more than 3 business rivals but less than five. If you don’t know how to choose the competitors, pick the ones you find frequent in conversation and research. You will need to pick a website with the same goals as yours. You can also look at the keywords frequently used by customers when searching for products and services. After the analysis, you need to know how to use the best keywords. To generate the best keywords you can use any of the keyword difficulty tool.

After you have reviewed your competitors’ websites, make sure you collect feedback from customers about their viewpoint about your website and those of your competitors. Ask your clienteles to rank your website based on their experience, creativity, and content quality. You can also let them tell you if they know of another site with better content related to your business niche. Having ample knowledge about these elements will provide to you an insight into how your website is performing and a rough idea of where you stand compared to your competitors.

Using the competitive analysis sheet will show you the strong and weak points of your competitors. You can use the results to see where your website ranks and use these details to derive a strategy that accounts for your abilities.


This is how you can conduct competitive analysis for your site to see where you rank among your competitors. With this analysis, you will discover numerous opportunities of having the best website and what you need to do to funnel visitors to the site. Your business is not complete without your competitors. Nevertheless, you need to know how to be the best through analyzing them online.


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