6 Successful Students Who Made Their First Million Before Graduating

Many of us dream about making a million to ensure happy and stable lives for ourselves and our loved ones. To get closer to this goal, we study at schools, then complete our college degrees, and then start building our careers or businesses, hoping that success is just around the corner.

Mark Zuckerberg

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But, what if we tell you that you don’t really have to wait that long to make your first million? What if you could find someone you can ask to write my essay for me and use the saved time to grow your capital right now? Though it will sound barely possible to some, becoming a self-made millionaire while still being a student is real!

In this article, we will share with you the inspiring stories of six successful school and college entrepreneurs who hacked life and reached their goals way before graduating.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

We bet it is pretty obvious to see Mark Zuckerberg at the top of our list of the most successful student entrepreneurs. However, the truth is that it is simply impossible not to mention Facebook’s founder when talking about young people who made their first millions while still being students. As you probably know, Zuckerberg implemented his huge project while studying at the university and soon started swimming in wealth.

That’s pretty inspiring, right? However, it is worth noting that after the first success, Mark actually dropped out of school, though he completed his education years after. But, you can repeat his success without giving up on your education. All you need is a reliable helper like DoMyEssay that will take care of your academic matters while you are making your first million.

2. Sean Belnick

The next entrepreneur on our list might not be as famous as Mark Zuckerberg, but his story is no less inspiring. Sean Belnick was a simple 14-year-old kid who had high hopes and big dreams. While still being a high-school student, Belnick founded an e-tail shop with only $500 in his pocket.

He began with selling small items like trading cards and gradually moved on to larger and more expensive items. And it worked! Already at the age of 20, Sean’s net worth has crossed the point of $24 million.

3. Scott and Stacey Ferreira

The next story we’d like to share with you involves not one but two young entrepreneurs. Scott and Stacey Ferreira are siblings who founded MySocialCloud.com, a unique cloud-drive social media platform that made them rich.

Brother and sister drew inspiration from their father, who worked at Google and IBM and decided to unleash their entrepreneur potentials while Stacey was still a high-school student and Scott was already in college. Quite soon, their platform received the first $1 million investment.

4. Robert Nay

Next on our list is Robert Nay, the founder of the popular Bubble Ball game. When the idea for a new game came to Robert, he was only 14 years old and was still studying at school. Interesting enough is the fact that Nay wasn’t a professional coder back then. He self-taught himself the basics of coding, but it didn’t stop him from reaching success.

When Robert created his game, he made it available on Apple free of charge. However, the game got so popular that over one million people had downloaded it in just two weeks. And, these two life-changing weeks have brought Robert his first $2 million.

5. James Murray Wells

One more story to get inspired by is the story of a young British student James Murray Wells. The idea for his successful business came to James out of a sudden. He was in college and realized that there was no online store that would specialize in selling eyeglasses. And he decided to change this.

Using his student loan, James filled the gap and created an online e-tailer for eyeglasses. Best part? He made not one but $4 million in just a year. So, here you have one more example of a stunning success of a very young entrepreneur.

6. Andrew Gower

The last one on our list of successful student entrepreneurs is Andrew Gower. Andrew is from the UK, and he is another self-made teen millionaire whose story can’t help but inspire. Gower’s story begins with his passion for game development that struck when he was an 8-year-old kid. That’s when he started creating games and got set up for future success.

His first million was made when he was still a teen. At a rather early age, Andrew, together with his brother, started a company that grew into one of the most famous UK game studios. And his successes didn’t stop there. Now, after many years of hard and dedicated work, Andrew is recognized as the 46th richest entrepreneur in Britain, and his net worth has reached $200 million.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the stories of the most successful young entrepreneurs, who managed to make their first million(s) before even graduating from their schools and colleges.

What’s the core lesson we can learn from all these stories? – Anything is possible! So, don’t be afraid to dream big, don’t hesitate to implement your ideas, and don’t let anyone say that you are too young to get into the “big game.” After all, who knows, maybe you are the next successful student to be included on our list!


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