These Are the Tasks your Business Will Soon be Using Software to Do

You are already using software to perform a number of business tasks that were once done manually. A good example of this is document editing.

Analyzing using software

Your business degree did not come with a guarantee that you would be a good writer or editor. Official communications from CEOs are usually a jumbled mess. That is why someone else takes that writing and reworks it for public consumption. If that didn’t happen, the communications would be unreadable.

Many startups don’t come with executive secretaries that do the editing. That is where software has stepped in and made it easier for people who are not trained in written communication to do a passable job. Now, readers can be appalled by a founder’s ideas instead of their grammar.

This is just one example of how software is taking over duties that were once done manually by someone else. That does not represent some apocalyptic future where humans are replaced by machines. On the contrary, it frees humans to do the things they are good at and relegates the mindless labor to mindless machines. It also can help a small business owner save money on outside consultants by allowing software to perform some necessary functions.

Here are a few of those functions that your business can partially offload to software and other technologies.

Legal Documentation

If you are an attorney, you already know how challenging the paperwork can be. It gets even more complicated when dealing with immigration law. That’s where immigration law software comes in to save the day. Before such software, cases could be tied up in courts for ages over a mistake in the paperwork.

With so much paperwork, there are countless opportunities for errors. The software can make the process go more smoothly with fewer errors. The result is that you have happy clients who move more seamlessly through the system, allowing you to take on even more clients. That is a huge boost to the bottom line.

Attorneys are not the only people who can benefit from legal software. Small business owners can register their business and incorporate it in a few clicks. That used to be a difficult process that took up a lot of time and money for something that was relatively simple. Divorce attorneys will never go out of business. But software makes it a lot simpler to file for an uncontested, no-fault divorce. Thanks to modern software, the legal process is more streamlined and accessible to more people than ever.

Data Handling

There was a time when handling data meant handling paper. Today, we have virtual data rooms. Tomorrow, who knows? What we do know is that right now, we are dealing with data more in the cloud and via software than we are by hand. With a virtual data room, you can securely provide access to people without allowing sensitive information to fall outside of your chain of custody.

The same thing is happening in the consumer space as well. Even now, Apple will be rolling out an update in 2022 that allows people to store their driver’s licenses on their iPhones. Considering the fact that the government is currently in a battle against big tech and that they are highly resistant to change, this would be a remarkable accomplishment in the States.

There are some issues yet to be ironed out. But a few states have already signed on to the plan. If you have a business that requires you to check ID, that might soon become a matter for software to handle.


Today, marketing is less about signs and TV commercials and logos, and more about posting on social media, apps, and browser search. There will always be a place for informational and display advertising.

You don’t have to completely abandon everything you know about marketing. However, if you are going to be as effective in the future as you have been in the past, you are going to have to become familiar with the software and services that will drive marketing for the next decade.

Your business runs on legal documentation, data, and marketing. Those things will never change. However, the way you do them is always in a state of flux. In the very near future, those things will be done via software and related tech.


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