How can Thumbtack Reviews Boost Home Services Business?

For those who don’t know, Thumbtack is one of the most excellent listing sites that help home services businesses connect with their customer. In addition, it is an extremely reliable source for an online audience to find and hire a professional serviceman.

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Thumbtack has millions of businesses listed on it. This gives many options for people looking for home services, but it also raises the bar of competition in the market. Thumbtack reviews can be the best bet for those home services businesses that want to influence their target audience. But how exactly do Thumbtack reviews work? Let’s dive into this post to learn more!

Why your Home Services Business Needs Thumbtack Reviews?

Home services businesses generally focus on local audiences. Their priority is to secure a footing in the local market, and that’s why business listing websites are their biggest helping helps.

Business listing websites allow the searchers to explore the local market online. When searching for a professional to hire, most people choose the one with the best rates. Therefore, reviews play an integral role in attracting an online audience.

According to Brightlocal, 87% of customers read online reviews before choosing a local business. So imagine if a business does not have any review or business listing website? It will miss out on that 87% of the online audience.

Since Thumbtack is one of the most trusted online business listing platforms, every business knows the value of Thumbtack review. Thumbtack has thousands of visitors daily, and that’s why businesses have excellent opportunities to accelerate their lead generation through reviews. Not just the leads but those work wonders for the overall growth of the home services business. How? Here is the answer!

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Benefits of Thumbtack Reviews

1. Social Proof

It is a known fact that social proof always drives the sale. A person would buy something even if a stranger has recommended it. Reviews are the displays of online audiences’ thoughts. Online searchers would always check out what other people think of the business they want to deal with.

2. Increase Visibility

Positive reviews will always capture the target audience’s attention, and that is how Thumbtack will increase the visibility online. Thumbtack always gives priority to businesses that have good online rates or reviews, and that’s why high-rated businesses appear on the top of search results. Hence, home services businesses with good rates and reviews will have greater exposure to online audiences than businesses with low ratings or fewer online reviews.

3. Influence Buyer’s Decision

Persuading online buyers is extremely vital, and Thumbtack reviews do this job with perfection. These reviews influence buyers’ choices. Having good ratings and reviews on Thumbtack business listing will help the home service businesses impact the purchasing choices of their potential leads resulting in accelerated sales.

4. Make Business Trustworthy

Good ratings and reviews on Thumbtack make the business look more trustworthy. Positive online reviews can help a home services business build credibility online. A business with positive online reviews can win the confidence and trust of the target audience. This will also help enhance the online reputation of the business.

5. Improve Business Operations

Customers’ feedback is extremely valuable to a home services business. Reviews also contribute to improving the quality of service and other areas of business. A service provider will get to know the loopholes that customers find unsatisfactory. A business can then work on those areas to improve its operations.

6. Enhances online presence

Every potential online buyer wants to deal with a business that has a good online reputation. Hence, getting reviews become an essential target for every home services business. Positive reviews will project a healthy and clean image of the business in front of the online audience resulting in a better online presence.

These are some of the advantages of having positive reviews. As the online audience is getting smarter, home services businesses are focusing on getting more and more reviews to persuade more audiences, generate more leads and grow their conversation rates. But getting online reviews from customers is not easy. Many customers do not even bother to open the business listing again after purchasing.

However, there are several ways to collect Thumbtack reviews, and here are some of those.

Tips to Increase Online Thumbtack Reviews

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1. Run an Email Campaign

Asking people to review your product, service, or business through emails is one of the best and inexpensive ways to increase the number of reviews on Thumbtack business listing. Many companies use email campaigns to get reviews from their previous customers. But, to make this email campaign a success, it is important to have an influential copy that will convince the customers to open the email and leave a review.

2. Link Thumbtack Listing on The Website

Businesses can link their Thumbtack business listing to their business website. This way, the customers visiting the website will have easy access to the Thumbtack business listing. With just a click, they can land on the review section. Home services businesses should make sure to make it simple and easy for website visitors to find their Thumbtack business listing.

3. Collect Reviews from Business Apps

Here is a game-changer tip for home services businesses with a business application. Major social media apps ask their users to leave a review on their business listing through their mobile application. This is one of the simplest ways to collect reviews.

4. Keep the Message Simple

Make sure to keep the message simple and easy to understand. For example, top companies have a simple message or copy asking their customers to leave the review because they know that no one will read large paragraphs just to leave a review.

5. Rewards May Help

Many companies are following this trend of giving rewards to those leaving reviews on their business listings. This strategy can help home services businesses convince more customers to leave a review. Businesses are offering freebies or discounts on their services or products to those leaving positive reviews on their business listing.

6. Communication is Important

Communication is the key to collecting positive reviews. It is extremely important to communicate with the customers to convince them to leave a review. From Texting to sending emails to customers, businesses should try every possible communication channel to reach them. Make sure to leave a gentle reminder and do not poke customers all the time.

7. Post on Social Media

Businesses that have good number of subscribers on their social media platforms can ask their audience to leave reviews. Social media is one of the strongest tools a business can use to collect reviews from online customers. Hence, it is a source no business should miss out on.

Final Words

Thumbtack is one of the most trusted business listings that drives home services businesses closer to their sales goals. Any service provider can list his/her business to get excellent online exposure. However, make sure to get positive reviews on the Thumbtack business listing.

Online Thumbtack reviews are extremely helpful to those home services businesses that want to attract more customers and boost lead generation. The audience is getting smarter, and the competition in the home service industry is increasing every day. That’s why home services businesses must collect positive reviews and enhance their online presence.

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