9 Types of Careers That Await in the Oil and Gas Industry

Companies in the oil and gas industries currently employ nearly seven million workers and are actively hiring. Jobs in this sector pay well, offer a wide range of opportunities, and are located all over the U.S. Despite these attractions, companies are struggling to find qualified workers. Gas and oil companies are searching for professionals with various skills, interests, and backgrounds.

Oil rig inspection

The industry offers positions to fit many personalities, interests, and educational levels. They are hiring scores of professionals as well as skilled tradesmen. Below is a sampling of jobs in the industry.

1. Oil and Gas Regulatory Inspector

Inspectors play an essential part in the oil and gas industry all over the U.S. For example, when interviewing with a local oil and gas recruiter denver, qualified job seekers may be offered jobs as regulatory inspectors and could work anywhere in the country.

The U.S. government and numerous local agencies hire inspectors to ensure oil and gas operations comply with land usage legislation. Inspectors monitor the environmental impact of operations and strive to keep drilling sites safe for employees, the community, and the environment.

2. Legal Professionals

According to the oil and gas organization API, there is a demand for legal professionals in the sector. Attorneys represent companies in litigation and may specialize in certain areas. Government affairs managers are legal specialists who act as liaisons between the government and companies. Businesses are also looking for regulatory affairs specialists who coordinate regulatory processes.

3. Specialty Mechanics

The oil and gas industry is hiring a range of specialty mechanics. These include diesel, industrial machinery, and mobile heavy equipment mechanics. Specialists in these areas diagnose, maintain, and repair all types of equipment.

4. Engineering Careers

Companies are hiring engineers with backgrounds in multiple specialties. These include drilling engineers who design safe, efficient drilling procedures. There is also a demand for reservoir engineers to forecast the financial potential of reservoirs.

5. Accountant

An oil and gas accountant keeps financial records and prepares essential statements. They typically create and monitor budgets, handle tax matters, and maintain the balance sheet.

6. Mudlogger

As the name implies, these experts get their hands in the soil to collect rock samples and then record their findings. Workers also use microscopes to examine specimens and interpret site geology, which helps engineers decide how far and fast to drill.

7. Carbon and Sustainability Manager

Per Forbes, utility and energy companies have made more sustainability-related operations changes than any other industry. With that in mind, there is a high demand for carbon and sustainability managers who can help companies meet goals that line up with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

8. Technicians

There is a growing demand for experienced workers to fill oil and gas technician positions. These include electronics engineering, instrument and electrical, process, and production technicians.

9. Environmental Health and Safety Specialists

Professionals in this field evaluate work environments and create programs to prevent disease or injury. They protect workers from harm caused by physical, biological, chemical, and ergonomic factors. Specialists might conduct inspections and ensure adherence to health and safety policies. They can be employed in the private and public sectors.

The demand for qualified workers in the oil and gas industries is high, keeping recruiters busy. These sectors offer dozens of high-paying jobs that require a wide range of backgrounds. The most in-demand jobs include engineers, technicians, mechanics, legal professionals, accountants, inspectors, and sustainability managers.


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