5 Tips to Supercharge Your Online Store Sales

Your online store thrives on consistent, dependable sales. But there’s always room for more! How can you increase your online store sales to be busier and more profitable than ever?

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We’ve got you covered with 2022’s top tips to supercharge your online store sales.

1. Write Compelling Product Descriptions

Your product description is your chance to separate your products from your competitors. Give the buyer an idea of what the product is really like. Use keywords to help you appear in search results. Don’t just talk about product specs. Help the reader picture what life will be like if they purchase.

Generic product descriptions won’t help you sell more. Instead, it’s time to put descriptive back into product descriptions!

2. Include Lots of Product Photos (and Videos!)

For 93% of buyers, product photos are the main deciding factor in whether to purchase an item. They build trust, especially if you capture multiple angles or uses of your products.

Give your buyer a better sense of what they’re buying. Take your own photos whenever possible instead of using your vendor’s stock imagery. The more angles you can highlight — or better yet, show different ways people are using it! — the more conversions you’ll earn.

3. Add Reviews and Testimonials

During the pandemic, eCommerce scams ran rampant. Online stores popped up overnight eager to take advantage of customers’ desperation as they sought products that weren’t available locally. Never have online reviews and testimonials mattered so much.

Though pandemic conditions are returning to normal, consumers’ desire to shop online remains stronger than ever. Reviews and testimonials can help you establish trust with customers who might be on the fence about buying.

Reviews that are verified by sites like TrustPilot offer insight into real customers’ experiences. This way, only your real customers can leave reviews so you won’t end up with spam ratings. Your customers can also get a better sense of what your product is really like from people who have used it.

4. Offer Free Shipping

Every eCommerce store owner knows that free shipping isn’t “free.” In fact, it can be quite expensive, depending on the size and weight of the items you sell. However, the Amazon mindset has taken over eCommerce and has turned free shipping into an expectation.

In fact, studies show that 66% of customers expect free shipping on every purchase. In some cases, you might offer free shipping with a minimum purchase to ensure you’re not eroding your margins. But not offering free shipping at all could severely hurt your sales and send your customers straight to your competitor.

5. Simplify the Checkout Experience

If you have a high abandoned cart rate, your checkout process might be to blame. You work hard to drive traffic to your store — the last thing you want to do is lose your interested buyers. Simplifying the checkout process can help you convert more buyers on the spot. Aim to collect only the most important information. Avoid requiring customers to create an account. And keep all the checkout fields on one page to streamline the process.

Exactly helps you supercharge your online store sales with a simplified payment gateway. Explore our merchant services and see how we can help you run a more profitable business!


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