Your Guide to Car Crash Back Injuries to Avail Better Settlement

Back injuries occur when the lower back, upper back, or the spine are injured. Back injury can lead to permanent paralysis or cause serious nerve damage. In some cases, back injuries may be as minor as a tissue rupture or small sprain. But in some cases, a spinal cord injury can be chronic. It can keep you in bed for a few months, years, or maybe even longer.

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Many car accidents usually result in serious back injuries. Many costs are involved in treating these injuries. So you need a good back injury lawyer, who can help you understand the next steps and help hold the responsible party liable.

When the body suffers a traumatic event such as a car accident, several processes of back injury occur. Ligaments are tough, fibrous tissues that attach one bone to another. They allow movement of the bones but should not allow excess movement.

In a car accident, the nerves can be sprained. A sprain is simply the tearing of fibers. Sprains are severe tearing, mild tearing, or moderate tearing when a ligament is ruptured. If the nerves are damaged, they may not heal like normal tissues, but, they may recover in moderation with a scar embedded in the ligamentous structure.

Weak and damaged nerves allow extra movement between the vertebrae. Excess movement between the two bones is called hypermobility. Hypermobility for months or years causes degeneration also known as spinal cord deterioration.

Back injuries from a car accident can ruin your life. Your back is primarily your overall well-being. Often, an injury to your back will lead to other health problems. Below we shall discuss all to know about average settlements for back injuries from a car crash and what it entails.

Minor back injury – between $ 1240.10 – $9920.80.

If you have suffered a minor back injury as a result of a car accident that was not your fault then it is likely that your claim will be worth between $ 1240.10 – $9920.80. A large number of victims claiming compensation for back injuries have valued their injuries within this range. The actual amount will depend on how long it will take for you to recover from the injury. For injuries that take less than 2 years to heal, the amount of car accident compensation is usually less than $6200.50.

Moderate back injuries – Range between $9920.80 – $30692.47.

Moderate back injuries can be worth $9920.80 – $30692.47. These injuries can include fractures of the lumbar vertebrae which can leave you at risk for recurrent pain and osteoarthritis or other injuries such as traumatic spondylolisthesis or increased disc.

Severe Back injuries – usually more than $30692.47.

Severe back injuries would normally receive $30692.47. This figure is related to back injuries such as broken discs; where despite treatment, you still suffer from ongoing discomfort and pain as well as impaired mobility.

Permanent back Injuries – between $79676.43 – $133930.80.

High compensation rates are given for permanent cases, between $79676.43 – $133930.80. This amount is only paid for permanent injuries. For example, a back injury that has left the victim with impotent or incontinent.

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Benefits of Hiring a back Injury Advocate

Back injuries can cause several complications. It can prevent free movements of your muscles and nerves. A back injury lawyer can help you in many ways. The following are someways a back injury lawyer can help you:

  • In many car accidents, people injure their backs. In the case of a sudden car crash, your back can be injured and cause spine injury. Spinal tests and treatments are very expensive. Your back injury lawyer will help you find the costs required for your treatment.
  • In some cases, a back injury is not permanent. But it can last for a few months or weeks. During this period you may not do any work, which may result in a loss of income. Your back injury attorney can help you get compensation for financial losses.
  • In some instances. The nerves from the spine which are responsible for sending signals to the brain can be damaged, these can lead to coma or paralysis. It can also put you to sleep forever. In such cases, your back injury lawyer can help your caregiver get the compensation. He or she will present your case in court and claim compensation for injuries that have caused the person to be unable to work and lie in bed.


The settlement will depend on the severity of the injury. If the back injury is minor, the attorney will claim the minimum cost and compensation involved. If the injury is severe, your back injury attorney will negotiate for adequate compensation.


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