Top 8 Free CRM Software for 2022

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is essential for all modern businesses. CRM software is very helpful for sales and marketing to manage their relationship with their customers in the most efficient way.

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Did you know there are many free CRM software that can help you achieve your goal? We have a list of eight of the best free CRM software you can use in 2022. Read on for the list.

8 Best CRM Software

1. Freshsales

One of the most popular CRM software that you can get for free is Freshsales. It is a full-fledged CRM software that offers sales force automation. There are plenty of features available in the free version that would be very useful. While there are many features that the premium version has, the free version is also quite handy.

Some useful features Freesales offers are:

  • Contact management with call and email options.
  • Calling customers directly from the CRM.
  • Chat with customers.
  • Managing deals.
  • Ability to have unlimited users (a key feature in a free software).
  • Lead generation with limited features.
  • Help and support are offered even for free users.

2. Zoho CR

If you are looking for an omnichannel CRM, then you can choose Zoho CRM. It is well integrated with Zoho Suite which includes the use of Zoho campaigns. Automation of sales becomes easy with this CRM. Lead and deal management is effective using the CRM. There are many handy features that this CRM offers in its free version:

  • You can easily manage customer relationships using the CRM.
  • You can set workflow rules that allow you to automate tasks better.
  • It is free for up to 3 users.
  • It offers social media integration that would be very helpful for sales and marketing.
  • Sales planning options are very useful.
  • Well suited for small businesses but can be customized for companies of all sizes.


Previously known as Dapulse, this free CRM enables you to use ready templates to manage your customers effectively. It is a basic CRM software that can be used instead of managing your customers using spreadsheets and documents. The features that this free CRM software has include:

  • Time tracking feature is available in the CRM making task planning and management easy.
  • Ready templates are available that can be used to customize the software.
  • Sales automation options make this CRM tool very handy.
  • The user interface is easy to use and modern in appearance.
  • It is free for 5 team members to use.

4. HubSpot CRM

If you want a free CRM that comes loaded with features, then HubSpot CRM is the one to try. HubSpot is a well-known company that makes sales and marketing software. The CRM gives you the best of these software features to enhance the working of your sales and marketing.

The features offered by HubSpot CRM are:

  • Contact management and deal management are available in the tool.
  • Sales tracking and reporting are possible.
  • In-built calls and email sending features are enabled.
  • Ad retargeting, generation of bulk emails, and creation of landing pages are useful features.
  • The free plan limits emails to 2000 per month with only 15 minutes of calling.
  • The reporting dashboard is an attractive feature of the software.

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5. ReallySimpleSystems

As the name suggests, this is a simple but effective free CRM software. Companies with remote offices will find this software very useful. The major limitation of the free version is that it allows only two users to use it. Most of the software’s features are available in the free version with a limitation of 100 MB of storage.

The software’s features:

  • Tutorial films and detailed instructions make the software easy to use.
  • You can make your sales effective by assigning tasks and managing relationships with clients and prospects.
  • Creating campaigns is easy with this tool.
  • Managing customer support is easy.
  • The report options are very handy making them ideal for B2B companies to use.

6. Agile CRM

This is a very useful tool that allows you to customize the software while integrating your sales and marketing seamlessly. The CRM features it offers are quite powerful. With a lot of customization features offered, the free CRM is worth considering. Some of its useful features include:

  • It is free for 10 users with 1000 contacts.
  • All basic reports and bulk email options are available.
  • Adding contacts and deals and creating tasks is very easy.
  • You can integrate with any one plugin to send bulk emails easily.
  • Lead generation is easy thanks to the web-to-lead option.
  • The file storage features are very useful, especially for small startups.

7. Insightly

If your requirement is for a free CRM software with project management features, then you should consider Insightly. The software offers tools for effective project management. Its user-friendly interface makes it a good tool to use. The free version is restricted to 2 users and offers features that include:

  • Complete project management features are available right from lead qualification to tracking deals.
  • Contact management, task management, pipeline management, and project tracking are useful features offered.
  • The productivity features offered like the calendar and the report system are very useful.
  • Report filters are available that make it easy to get the exact report you want.
  • You can even add custom fields for contacts. The contact limit is 2,500 contacts.
  • Integration with more than 250 apps is provided but the in-built phone option is not free.

8. Capsule

This cloud CRM has many useful features that are available through a very simple user interface. All the basic features you need in a CRM are available in the free version. Some key features offered are:

  • Sales pipeline management.
  • Importing contact lists from Gmail, Outlook, and using CSV formats.
  • The limit imposed is for two users in the free version.
  • The cloud feature makes this tool very useful for small businesses.

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CRM software can help businesses acquire more customers and increase their revenue.  Just like any other types of software, there are both free and paid version of the solutions. There is an impression that you need to pay a lot to get good quality CRM software. This is not entirely true. You can do a lot with free CRM software.

That said, what’s important is for you to do the due diligence required in order to choose the right solutions for your business.


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