What Does A Worker Compensation Lawyer Cost?

Did You Get Hurt at Work? What Should You Do?

Hiring a lawyer might be one of your first thoughts if you have been injured at work.

Injured at work

A lawyer assisting clients who have sustained workplace injuries is known as a worker’s compensation lawyer. Personal Injury law has specific rules for different types of injury cases. Hence, workers’ compensation law is a unique field of injury law. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer with knowledge of the worker’s compensation laws in your state.

Typically, you don’t have to pay a workers’ compensation attorney until they succeed in your case. Following that they are usually paid a statutory fee of 20% of the amount that you win.

If you decide to engage a lawyer, there are 2 questions you should ask-

  • How much will it cost you?
  • Who will be paying the attorney?

The first thing to do is contact a lawyer for a free consultation.

Almost all injury attorneys offer free consultations. Talk to a lawyer and explain the situation. They can give you a general sense of what needs to be done in your work injury case by giving you a FREE phone call. Before hiring a legal firm/lawyer, it’s essential to learn how a worker compensation lawyer can help and whether you need one.

When a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Isn’t Necessary?

Sometimes it is okay to proceed without the counsel of workers’ compensation attorneys if you have a small injury.

In that case, if your employer covered your medical costs and offered you the money you were happy with, there is no need for a lawyer. However, some frequent intricacies can offer more value than you negotiated. If you are not familiar with injury law, you won’t be aware of the challenges. This is where a lawyer can help.

Do I Need A Worker Compensation Attorney?

There are a number of benefits to hiring a lawyer.

Workers Compensation rules are complex and challenging to understand.

The workers compensation Insurance might agree to pay you the amount initially, but later they will find ways to stop paying your benefits. If you do not have a lawyer, they can reject your claim and get away with it.

A worker’s compensation attorney will be aware of all the benefits you are entitled to. That includes compensation for paid time off, medical expenses, a lump sum payout, therapy, and job training. Most people are unaware of these numerous benefits that workers’ compensation offers.

Your lawyer will ensure that your medical expenses are paid so that you can continue receiving medical care.

Paying your Lawyer

In worker’s compensation disputes, the attorney fee in Illinois is capped at 20%. If a lawyer ever tries to charge extra, they are breaking the law unless there are serious compelling circumstances.

However, there are always exceptions. Cash offers and legal petitions are the only two instances in which this 20% rule does not apply.

Here are a few instances of how these exceptions might come into play:

One exception to this rule is when a lawyer beats a cash offer to settle your case after. In such cases, they are entitled to a bigger percentage of the difference.

Personal injury lawyer studying cases

Where Does the Lawyer Fee Come from?

Nothing is paid out of your pocket unless the lawyer wins your case. In the end, the insurance company reimburses the attorney a portion of the compensation that they have won for you while settling your case. They do not get paid if they lose. That means you have very little to lose if the case is lost.

Let’s discuss ways to increase your chances of receiving all of your benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Charges for Case-Related Expenses

However, workers’ compensation claims often involve extra out-of-pocket expenses than legal fees. These typical expenses include:

  • Costs for depositions
  • Filing fees
  • Copies of medical records
  • Paying doctors who undertake independent medical examinations
  • Copying and postal fees
  • Attorney travel expenses.

These costs are not covered by the standard fee agreement. The majority of law firms will cover these charges as they arise, but if you win your case, you’ll probably have to pay the firm back. Even if you lose your case, some attorneys still charge for expenses.

Most attorneys will provide an injured worker with a free initial consultation. In this consultation, the attorney has the chance to assess your case and decide on taking it. Additionally, it allows you to comprehend your case better and determine whether you want the attorney to defend you.


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