Is your Real Estate Agent The Right Choice for you?

Sometimes it can feel like estate agents have all come off the same production line, all spouting the same customer-friendly rhetoric and claiming to be the “only company that puts the customer first”.

Real estate agent and her clients

But no two customers are the same, and if you want to find the right realtor to get your real estate dreams up and moving forward, you’ll need to sift through the sea of duds to find those helpful businesses that truly care. Ask yourself the following questions to find the right real estate agent for your specific needs.

Have You Researched Thoroughly Online?

This should always be your first point of call. Find the best-reviewed companies and delve deeper into their qualifications and success stories. But make sure you have the most recent information at hand. Compass Real Estate is one the biggest realty brokers in the United States, but “is Compass Real Estate in trouble” was still at one time a popular search term.

Have You Asked Friends and Family For Recommendations?

If your real estate agent was recommended through a friend or family member, there’s a good chance of a healthy working relationship forming between you both. This is especially true of smaller, more local realtors, who may remember the person who recommended you fondly.

Do They Have Company Values That Align With Yours?

Accreditations and glowing reviews are important. But what about the things your realtor holds dear in terms of scruples and company principles? Do they favor honesty and integrity above all else? If so, would you be proud to say you’re working with such a company?

Have You Seen Them Adhere To These Values?

Anyone can say that the client matters most, but what evidence do they have to show you they adhere to these things? Can they prove these core values to you in any way, or are they merely paying lip service to a few client-friendly buzzwords in the hopes of getting your business?

How Flexible Are They With Their Time?

Buying or selling a home can be time-consuming, and when you’re working or looking after your family at the same time, there’s precious time to waste when it comes to making appointments or having catch-up conversations with your realtor. Ask about their flexibility, and be clear about the times you won’t be available.

Are They Just Telling You What You Want To Hear?

There may be a time when an agent is firmly (but respectfully) disagreeing with you about something, and advising you to do things differently. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, they’re the experts! Be wary of any company that seems to agree with everything you say and never challenges you on it.

Can They Provide References From Other Clients?

If they’re as customer-focused and successful as they claim to be, they’ll have no problem providing you with some glowing references, right? If you find that they’re unable to provide you with any customer references, it’s a huge red flag, and you may want to reassess who you’re working with.


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