All-Terrain Tyres – Are They Worth Your Investment?

Driving in the UAE can give both on-road and dirt-road experiences. But cars generally do not have tyres that can support off-road terrains. The good news is that all-terrain UAE tyres can help you enjoy driving in the dirt and on smooth roads.

But are they worth your investment?


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To answer that, we must first define what we mean by all-terrain tyres.

What are All-terrain Tyres?

All-terrain tyres are popularly known as all-purpose tyres because they can be used for both on-road and off-road driving. They do not skid on sand, snow, or gravel, because of deeper grooves, reinforced sidewalls and open tread patterns.

Aggressive treads help these tyres to maintain a firm grip on the surface regardless of how skiddy it is.

Let us now see the pros and cons of these tyres to give you a clearer picture:


Usable in all types of climates

The biggest benefit of these tyres is that they can be used in all weather. They are not constrained by mud, snow, rainfall, sand or gravel.

Unlike normal tyres, they create high friction with the surface, giving them a better grip. They are easier to control on wet roads and have a high breaking power too.

Highly durable

All-terrain tyres are meant to absorb shocks and move efficiently in rocky areas. They have a stronger rubber compound and reinforced sidewalls that keep the tyres puncture-proof even on rough terrain.

Moreover, these tyres do not wear out as quickly as normal tyres. They do not lose their shape thanks to aggressive tread patterns even after back-to-back rough drives for years on end.

Does not allow aquaplaning

Aquaplaning is a condition that occurs due to the tyre’s inability to disperse water and establish firm contact with the road. As a result, tyres often skid and accidents happen.

But all-terrain tyres have deeper grooves that easily disperse water beneath them and keep the surface gripped at all times, resulting in fewer accidents.


Too noisy

The same tread patterns and grooves that help save your life can sometimes be annoying. Deeper and aggressive grooves and treads make all-terrain tyres too noisy.

The passengers sitting in the cabin are likely to hear high noises when the car is made to run at high speeds. But normal tyres are much less noisy, thanks to their moderate tread patterns and grooves.

Fuel consumption

The resistance levels of all-terrain tyres are a lot more than normal tyres. Therefore, their engine has to work hard to keep them rolling, which gulps up a lot of fuel.

So, if you are looking for a fuel-efficient option, these tyres are certainly not meant for you.


These tyres come in advanced shape and with high endurance capabilities. Therefore, it is best to stick to normal tyres if you are likely to drive on the smooth roads of Dubai all year.

Should you Buy All-terrain Tyres?

Buying these versatile tyres is feasible only if you have to drive off-road every week. Since they consume a lot more fuel than normal tyres, they are certainly not efficient for someone willing to save money.

However, they are highly durable, and you don’t have to worry about their health yearly. Therefore, all-terrain tyres are your best bet if you are looking to drive in the desert along with roads.

Final Thoughts

All-terrain tyres have high braking power, durability, shock-bearing capacity and multi-purpose usability. But, if you want to replace your old normal tyres with these, ensure that your car’s engine is capable enough to roll these tough tyres efficiently.

So, contact tyre dealers in Dubai today to know whether your car is eligible for all-terrain tyre installation or not.



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