How to Hire the Right Asbestos Removal Service

Asbestos is a combination of multiple minerals that come together to form a toxic chemical compound that can have disastrous consequences for health if exposed to it. You’ll need the services of a qualified asbestos removal service to safely and quickly rid your home or commercial space of any asbestos that’s present.

Asbestos testing and removal

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In this article, we take you through some of the tips you should follow, when vetting and hiring an asbestos removal service provider, like asbestos removal sydney. By implementing these tips, you’ll get the support of qualified professionals who can preserve the building and protect all residents, while removing and disposing of the asbestos safely. So, let’s get started.

1. Look for someone who is licensed to work in your state/territory

In Australia, anyone who wishes to remove asbestos – especially if the asbestos is larger than 10m² in size – needs to get a license from the state/territory. This license trains and certifies the asbestos removalist to be qualified enough to safely and carefully get rid of asbestos build-up on the property.

Typically, the asbestos removalist will be asked to take a certain number of courses, where they will be trained on using the right gear and equipment to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos.

So, the very first thing you need to check is if the companies you are considering are licensed to remove asbestos. Plus, if they are licensed to operate in your geographic location.

2. Ask them about their overall experience and their client profile

Next, you should find out how many years the shortlisted asbestos removal service companies have been functioning. The longer a company has been active and in service, the higher its chances of having experience handling asbestos build-ups of different severities and complexities. They’ll know what to do if your asbestos build-up is particularly problematic.

Second, find out what type of clients these service providers typically work with. This will tell you if they have experience working on your type of building or not. For example, some of the processes used in residential asbestos removal will be different in commercial asbestos removal.

Again, their years of experience will determine if they have had the time and opportunity to work on different types of properties or not.

3. Find out details about their asbestos removal process

The next thing to find out when deciding which asbestos removal service to hire is their asbestos removal process. Not every company follows a standardized process when it comes to asbestos removal and disposal. So, it helps to find out if you are happy with the process they follow.

Ultimately, their asbestos removal process will determine the cost and duration of the service. Finding out what process each asbestos removal company follows will help you find out if they are following the Codes of Practice stated by agencies like Safe Work Australia. Additionally, it will also help you find out if you can utilize a particular removalist’s service for meeting any local building/territory compliance requirements or not.

The best type of asbestos removal service provider is one that offers a complete assessment/inspection before and after the service. Having your property assessed prior to the removal will help the professionals know exactly where the asbestos is present. They will be able to find any small sections hidden away from view. Additionally, check if they send out asbestos samples to identify what type of asbestos they are and if they customize the removal process or not.

Post-removal inspection will ensure that all the work has been safely and successfully carried out. Often, companies that do provide such comprehensive service, will be willing to give you detailed reports about the asbestos removal project at your property. You can submit these reports to any authorities for any building safety regulation or compliance requirements.

Asbestos removal

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4. Ask for competitive, no-obligation quotes

Usually, asbestos removal service providers in Australia do offer a no-obligation quote to clients making enquiries. But, if any company asks for a fixed fee to provide a quick tour of the property and give you a quote, steer clear of them.

It helps to have spoken to 4-5 different companies, so you can compare the quotes provided. Plus, these different quotes can become a great bargaining tool, as you negotiate the terms and cost of the service provided to you. It can be very tempting to choose a company that charges less for asbestos removal. But it’s important you understand what services they offer for this money. This is where knowledge of their asbestos removal process helps. It allows you to judge with clarity whether the quote is justifiable, given the terms you receive.

When it comes to payment, it’s best to set up stages/milestones of service, on whose completion/achievement, you can make payment in parts. That way you won’t end up having to pay the complete amount upfront before the project begins.

5. Check if the asbestos removal service provider is insured or not

Insurance is crucial to make sure that the asbestos removal service does not result in unanticipated expenses for you. Typically, the service provider will take different types of business insurance that indemnify them (and by extension, you) from any on-the-job damages that might occur.

The presence of the insurance gives the asbestos removalist the peace of mind they need to do a thorough job, even if the asbestos removal turns out to be riskier than usual. These business insurance policies also help and protect the staff who are doing the asbestos removal work – which is also medically risky given the long exposure.

6. Read the testimonials or ask for previous client contact

Finally, read through all the testimonials you can find about your shortlisted companies, to check what they feel about the service. Look at the date of the testimonial to make sure the positive reviews are closest to the date you want to schedule your service. Check if any client has updated their reviews to mention any negatives they experienced after the asbestos removal.

If you can’t find any testimonials on Google or social media or on the company’s website, directly ask the asbestos removal service, for old clients’ contact details. If they hesitate to provide these details, it could be a red flag that you need to look into. However, if the company does share previous clients’ contact information, you can conduct your own research into their experience with this company.

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