What I Pack For Travels: Your Guide to Packing

Besides researching best hotels and attractions, packing is perhaps the most challenging task when you’re preparing for a trip abroad. And sometimes you might realise that you’ve packed absolutely nothing useful only when you’ve arrived at your hotel.

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All sorts of packing mishaps are quite common among both veteran travellers and newbies. Things can go from inconvenient (forgetting to pack your goggles for a ski trip) to really bad (realising you didn’t bring your wallet only after you’ve landed.) So it is crucial that you plan out how and what to pack in your suitcase beforehand.

In addition, you may also make the mistake of packing too much or too little. Pack too much and you’ll find yourself with a heavy extra luggage fee at the airport and a backache from dragging your heavy suitcase to and from your hotel. If you pack too little, you’ll have to spend extra money buying the things you left at home.

But you can rest assured that everyone struggles with their luggage checklist. As we’ve said, packing mishaps are quite common for all travellers. All you need are some good packing tips to guide you in the right direction.

So read on to find out more about what you need to pack for your travels.

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Here’s What You Should Be Packing in Your Suitcase

Neutral and Versatile Clothes

If your trip is going to last a few weeks, consider packing at least five days’ worth of clothes. One of the best packing tips for travellers is to pack versatile clothing pieces in neutral colours. This way you can mix and match them to create different outfits for everyday of the week.


Just because you’re repurposing your clothes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good while doing it. You can pack a few light scarves, belts, subclasses and jewellery to add some spice to your outfits.

Comfortable Shoes

Taking care of your feet is crucial especially if you’re planning to walk a lot on your trip. So break into your most sensible and comfortable shoes to make commuting between places easier. This way you can also avoid any unexpected injuries to your feet.

One Dressier Outfit for Clubs and Parties

One of the most sensible packing tips for travellers is to pack mostly comfortable clothes and only one set of dressy clothes for any fancy events. While travelling, you’re most likely going to be sightseeing more than clubbing or partying. So it makes sense to bring only one dressy option just in case.


It would be a nightmare if you forgot to pack comfortable sleeping clothes especially if you’re on a tight budget. You’d have to spend more money to buy them again. Plus it would be pretty uncomfortable to get enough rest in a pair of jeans after a long day of exploring.

A Sturdy Folder for Important Documents

You should simply scatter important travel and bank documents with the rest of your things in your suitcase. So consider investing in a sturdy and secure folder to store your passport, visa, hotel bookings, debit cards etc. It is also a good idea to keep the folder in a secure and safe handbag instead of your carry-on.

Power Banks, Batteries and Plug Adapters

One of the smartest packing tips is to include a power bank, a country-specific adapter and extra batteries and memory cards for your camera. These things are more expensive than the rest so it’s best to avoid buying them again on your trip.

Sturdy Toiletries Bag

Most hotels will supply you with their own brand of toiletries. But it doesn’t hurt to have some of these essentials at hand for emergencies. This is also one of the most important packing tips for travellers who suffer from acne or other skin and scalp conditions. So you should consider buying a sturdy toiletry bag to hold everything securely.

First Aid and Medications

It’s a given that unexpected accidents can happen anytime whether you’re on vacation or not. And when you do find yourself in such situations, there are chances that you won’t find a pharmacy nearby. So make sure your luggage is stocked with a basic first kit. You should also carry medicine for common ailments like stomach ache, migraines, allergies and nausea.

Other Essentials

When you’re travelling abroad, you should ensure that you’re armed with basic essentials such as a flashlight, emergency money and extra photocopies of your travel documents.

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Packing for a trip can be a real nightmare if you don’t do it right. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. After all, sometimes you just need a bunch of useful packing tips for travellers to set you off in the right direction.

Packing smart for a trip can save you a lot of trouble at the airport, on the plane, at the hotel and when you’re out sightseeing.

So check out these handy packing tips and apply them to your suitcase when you’re up for a trip. Don’t forget to install Google Maps, language translation apps and currency converters on your phone too.


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