A Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Company Office

Maintaining a clean and neat working environment is one of the keys to boosting employee morale and productivity. According to a recent study conducted by Staples Corporation, 94% of employees felt more productive in a clean workplace, while 77% thought they produced higher-quality output because of a clean work environment.

Office cleaning

But beyond enhancing productivity and employee morale, having a clean company office brings additional benefits, including:

  • Safeguarding your employees’ health
  • Minimizing hazards in the workplace
  • Providing a good impression for your visiting clients

One way to maintain a comfortable workspace and a clean company office is conducting an office spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t only meant for homeowners. As a business owner, it’s also recommended that you schedule a company spring cleaning at least twice a year.

That said, this article discusses a brief spring cleaning checklist to help you get started in maintaining your office’s cleanliness. Read on!

Start By Clearing The Office Desks

Often, the first area to get quickly cluttered are the office desks. This is true, especially if your employees attend to different customers regularly or deal with endless paperwork, and they get so busy that they fail to notice the clutter and junk piling up on the desk surfaces.

So, start by removing all the items displayed on the desks. Then, thoroughly wipe the surface using a clean or damp microfiber cloth. Do the same for the other office items (e.g., computers, keyboards, laptops, office supplies). After that, you can individually place them back and store away the remaining items that are rarely used.

Meanwhile, suppose your company comprises multiple offices with several desks that are too much for you and your employees to handle. In that case, hiring professional commercial cleaning services may be required. You can check out the best page to get more information about commercial cleaning services and how their services will suit your company’s needs.

Deep Clean Your Office Carpet

As many people visit your office daily, your carpets have already accumulated stains, dirt, and dust. Since your office carpets are generally larger and much harder to clean compared to your carpets at home, it may be best to leave the deep cleaning task to professional commercial cleaners. They have the proper cleaning equipment and tools to help restore your office carpets to their clean and neat condition.

Clean The Breakroom

Another common area in the office that requires extra care and attention for spring cleaning is the breakroom or the office kitchen. This area endures a lot of traffic every single day as it’s always used by employees when they take a break or when they entertain visitors.

So, set a specific day when you can conduct a spring cleaning for the breakroom since you might need to dedicate an entire day to this space alone. Then, ensure you let your employees know a few days ahead so they can bring the necessary cleaning supplies.

Once you’ve gathered all the cleaning supplies, divide your employees into smaller teams and assign them to each area in the kitchen, including:

  • Kitchen cabinets: Empty your kitchen cabinets and dispose of the items that are no longer needed. Then, wipe out all the insides and corners of the kitchen using an all-purpose cleaner before putting some things back inside.
  • Countertops: Remove the items accumulating on the top surface before cleaning them with a sanitizing solution. You might also need to scrub if there are stains, thick dirt, or mold growth on the kitchen sink or surface.
  • Microwave: Microwaves will likely acquire many leftovers and residues. To clean it, put a bowl of water mixed with vinegar inside the microwave and let it steam for five to 10 minutes. The steam will soften the residue stuck inside, making it easier to wipe them clean.
  • Coffee maker: Like the microwave, fill the coffee maker with a mixture of vinegar and water with a 50:50 ratio. Then place the filter on the basket and let it brew to remove any residue. Finish the cleaning by flushing it with water to remove the vinegar scent.
  • Floors: You can end your breakroom spring cleaning by sweeping and mopping the floors.

Meanwhile, if cleaning the breakroom is too time-consuming and has disrupted your employees’ workflow, it may be better to leave the tricky spots to professional commercial cleaners.

Office cleaning team

Tackle On The Bathroom

Like the breakroom, the office bathroom is also a heavy-traffic room, easily making it a germ-infested spot. So, gather the cleaning supplies and clean the bathroom in this order:

  • Stalls
  • Mirrors
  • Bathroom handles/knobs
  • Countertops/Bathroom sink
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Toilet seat, bowl, cistern, and urinal
  • Bathroom floors

Some employees also consider the bathroom the most challenging area to clean. So, if possible, you may also get more help from commercial cleaners.

Organize Your Office Files And Wires

There are instances when you’ll accumulate papers and files you won’t need for your daily operations. So, during spring cleaning, take out all the documents and files inside your storage option or drawers. Then, separate the important papers from the documents or papers you no longer need or use. Reorganize the remaining files to ensure everyone in the office can easily locate whatever file they want to retrieve.

You must also pay attention to the wires scattered in your office. Tidy them up by hanging them or keeping them hidden behind the walls or office tables. If you have too many cables and wires to deal with, let the professional electrician organize them for you to ensure safety.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your industry, all companies must make time for office spring cleaning as it’s part of everyone’s responsibility. With this brief checklist, you and your employees can schedule your next office spring cleaning to maintain a clean working environment.

If there are any challenging areas to clean, you can call professional commercial cleaners to help you deal with the rough edges and difficult areas.


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