Appealed to Users With an Urgent Demand to Repay Their Crypto Loans

The popular crypto-platform, which, in particular, specializes in issuing crypto-loans, appealed to its users with an urgent demand to return previously received loans within a week. To see how much bitcoin costs now – visit biti codes

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It is noted that such a radical decision by the management of was made only a month after the BlockFi platform was fined by the regulator for $100 million. According to available data, the US Securities and Exchange Commission explained the imposition of a fine on BlockFi due to the service’s provision of unregistered credit goods.

As of today, it is also known that credit services provided by Gemini and Celsius trading exchanges have become the subject of an SEC investigation.

Against the background of the above facts, experts managed to assume that’s request to its borrowers is undoubtedly related to pressure from regulatory authorities. The management of the platform does not say whether this is so in fact.

In addition, analysts who analyzed the situation around found out that the message with the demand to return the debt within 7 days did not reach all users of the service. Yes, only those clients who live in the USA, Great Britain, and 38 other countries will have to pay off their credit obligations urgently.

Having read the full list of states that have been “sanctioned” by, experts have only confirmed their guesses, as the list includes citizens of those countries that conduct strict supervision over the activities of crypto companies.

In this context, it is worth noting that e-mails demanding to pay off their crypto-debt came not only to Americans and Britons but also to users from European countries. Here, however, there is a certain difference. So, if customers from the USA are required to return the loan no later than March 15, then users from, for example, Germany were allowed to return the loans a little later.

The platform indicated the maximum allowable repayment date of the crypto-loan in the letters sent to clients, the date is different for all European clients, it was set depending on the amount and security of the loan. If you are interested in investing, not in loans – here is the article for you

In conclusion, it is worth adding that for some reason letters from with a request to return the credit in digital assets came even to those citizens who did not receive it and are not users of the platform at all.


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