Types of Construction Projects

Businesses in the construction industry can undertake projects of several different kinds, including commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

Construction project

Each type of construction project varies in terms of the required staff, materials, and project management techniques that are required for the successful completion of the projects. Some construction companies may work on projects in multiple areas, while others focus exclusively on a specific type of construction work.

Types of Construction Projects

Regardless of the type of construction project that has been completed, using project management software for construction work is always beneficial. This type of software makes it easy for project managers to monitor the progress of each project and keep the employees and clients happy.

Below, we have discussed the various types of projects that a construction company may undertake.

Residential construction projects

Residential construction projects involve the creation of buildings and properties for housing people, equipment, and supplies. This type of construction work will be designed by architects with the practical work being completed by contractors and subcontractors.

The types of properties that are built in residential construction work include standard houses, condos, apartments, nursing homes, and dorms. Garages and sheds also count as residential construction.

Commercial construction projects

Commercial projects comprise schools, sports centers, hospitals, medical centers stadiums, and large skyscrapers. It can also include the repair and maintenance of existing commercial properties. These types of projects can be funded privately or by local or national governments.

Industrial construction projects

Industrial construction work can involve building roads, railways, tunnels, and bridges. It also deals with warehouses, factories, and specialized facilities. The focus of industrial projects is functionality and they must meet all of the local and national safety rules.

Industrial construction is often commissioned by governments in the interest of the public. During these projects, large construction machinery will be required and often several staff members work on the construction at once.

Federal construction projects

Federal construction projects include the process of building government facilities, flood control constructions, and courthouses. Usually, the government will own these projects and control the construction process, and will supply the goods, services, and workers.

Construction Projects Based on Fire Resistance

Construction projects can also be categorized based on the resulting structure’s ability to withstand a fire. Often, constructions are given a fire safety rating based on the materials used to build them. The following labels may be assigned to a construction:

  • Type I – fire-retardant: the building must be able to withstand fire for 3-4 hours. This type of construction applies to hospitals and skyscrapers.
  • Type II – non-combustible: the building materials must be fire resistant for 1-2 hours. This is necessary for hotels and schools.
  • Type III – ordinary: the building must be able to withstand between zero and two hours of fire. Although the outer components are fire-resistant, the inner structures may be flammable.
  • Type IV – heavy timber: this type of construction has non-combustible outer materials that offer fire resistance for two hours and may be used for warehouses or small business facilities.
  • Type V – wooden frame: this type of construction provides very little, if any resistance to fire and is often used for residential buildings.

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