Palm Jumeirah Guide: Where to Buy Real Estate

Before the where, it will be important to talk about the why. Palm Jumeirah is a magnificent man-made island that basically looks like a dream come through.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

photo credit: Abid Bin Nazar / Pexels

The palm shaped island is an extraordinary beauty, whether you see it from a plane or while surfing the net for your next vacation. Whatever it is you want, is what you can get in this beautiful island.

Luxury and class is the language of Palm Jumeirah. Living in the palms is living in luxury and in paradise. The palms offers a lot of apartments for sale and acquisition which is sure to come with ease of life as everything that one may need is available at your dispensation. Buy real estate in Palm Jumeirah to get access to all the fun and class that you can get exclusively on the beach.

If you are looking to buy a villa in Palm Jumeirah (no matter what purpose you have: save money or looking for a new house), whether for personal or commercial, it is important to consider some communities in the Palms.

The Crescent

The Crescent is a community that comprise of 20 modern buildings located towards the trunk of the Palm. Many of the apartments in this community have beach fronts such that all are positioned with great views of the Palm and other nearby side attractions.

Villas in the Crescent were designed for, and are suitable for family needs as well as personal relaxation, with Jacuzzis and steam rooms, etc. A villa in this area is positioned at the centre of attraction, it would sell quickly in real estate and bring high ROI if you decide to rent.

Atlantis, The Palm

photo credit: Jenis Christopher / Pexels

The Anantara Signature

Want to Buy real estate in palm jumeirah? The Anantara Signature Villa is a great spot to buy a villa in Palm Jumeirah. It is located in the Jumeirah coastal area of Dubai and is located very close to the Dubai megacity.

The environment is serene, and you can access a handful of side attractions from the Anantara signature villas. The villas are self-sufficient with luxury bathtubs, a wine cellar, a gym, and outdoor private pools. The views are also amazing.

Canal Cove

Canal Cove is another best location to own a villa in Palm Jumeirah. The Canal Cove villas come especially recommended for families. There are villa apartments with broad inner space, a barbecue and garden adornment, and access to gyms, parks, and other intriguing places for children. Additionally, you can easily access some of the major work centres/locations from Canal Cove with no hassles.

If you want to buy real estate in Palm Jumeirah, this is one location that should be in your books for consideration.

Garden Homes Community

You can also find the Garden Homes Community at the fronds of the Palm. It houses high-end villas and penthouses as some of the most renowned property developers have investments deposited there. The Waldorf Astoria, Muraba Apartments, and a handful of other famous communities are also stationed there.

The properties in this location give buyers/ investors a wide range of options such that you can choose whatever suits your taste.

Garden homes, Palm Jumeirah

photo credit: Abid Bin Nazar / Pexels


All these locations and communities, have access to good transportation which is useful for movements both for going out and coming into the island. A lot is also in stock for the fun seekers as there are a lot of hotels, restaurants, beaches and recreational centres to help one utilize his/her leisure periods and time.

The beautiful view is second to none as you get the view of the sea and the palms from the comfort of your apartment. No doubt, living in the Palm is really living a dream in real life as the experience is thrilling. On the same note, buying real estate on Palm Jumeirah is one that brings a person to living a life of their dreams. Read more on the official aggregator’s website Emirates.Estate, learn more about real estate in the UAE, and compare up-to-date housing prices.


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