Skip Hire: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Hiring a skip can be a great way to get large quantities of rubbish thrown out in one go. A skip is especially ideal if you’re engaging in a home renovation, a massive cleaning project, or are in the process of moving houses.

Skip hire

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If you’ve never hired a skip previously, you might have some questions. Below are answers to some of the most common questions asked about hiring a skip.

1. How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

The cost of hiring a skip will depend on the size of skip, the company you go through, and how long you’re hiring the skip for. The cost of a smaller skip usually starts around 120 bucks.

2. What is the Maximum Length of Time I Can Skip Hire?

Normally, skips are hired for about a week. However, if you need a skip for longer, the company you go through may be able to accommodate you.

3. Where Does My Skip Waste Go?

Not all your skip waste will go to the landfill. The waste you put in your skip will be sorted to ensure as much of your garbage gets recycled as possible.

4. Can I Put Different Types of Wastes in my Skip?

Yes, it’s fine to dispose of different types of wastes in your skip, include recyclables and non-recyclables.

5. What Types of Things Aren’t Allowed in a Skip?

Do not dispose of plasterboard or asbestos in your skip. Skip hiring companies often offer a separate bag to dispose of plasterboard. When in doubt, always ask the skip company if a particular item can be disposed of or not in your skip.

6. Do I Have to Pick Up My Own Skip?

No, the company you select will be able to deliver and pick up your skip on your behalf.

7. Will I Need a Permit for my Skip?

For skips placed on a roadside, you will likely need to retrieve a permit. However, if placed on private land, a permit is not required.

8. Is it Okay for Me to Overfill My Skip?

Like other rubbish bins, you won’t be able to overfill your skip. If it is overfilled, it won’t be able to be collected. If you still have extra garbage, you may need another skip.

9. Will I Need to be Present When My Skip Gets Delivered or Picked Up?

No, the company you go through will be able to deliver and pick up your skip without you needing to be there, at your convenience.

10. Is the Cost of Skip Hire Worth it?

Many people find that hiring a skip is well worth it. It’s affordable and allows them to dispose of large quantities of mixed trash and recyclables with ease. There’s no stress or hassle with hiring a skip as everything is taken care of by the skip hire company. All you have to do on your end is hire the skip and then use it! Simple as that.

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When in doubt, hiring a skip can be a great way to get rid of excess trash. It’s relatively affordable, accepts several different types of waste, and generally offers a quick and easy way to clean up your property. In the end, a skip hire can be well worth the cost.


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