5 Types of Business Security Systems

In today’s technology-filled world, it can sometimes seem overwhelming when trying to decide on what type of commercial security system to get for your business.  Here we’ll go over a few of the most popular options.

Business security systems

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Video Surveillance System

Many times when someone mentions a “commercial security system,” a video surveillance system is the most common type that comes to mind. A video surveillance system is a popular option because it provides an aspect that other options don’t, which is video proof. When properly set up, the unblinking eye of a video camera and a digital backup can go a long way in rectifying whatever issue has happened.

Whether the incident in question was as innocent as an accident that needs to be reviewed to as nefarious as a burglary, having a video to review can help your business professionally and legally.

Security Alarm System

This is also one of the commonly thought of commercial security systems when a security system is mentioned. A security alarm system is another great option for your business. Alarms are both an attractant and a deterrent. Once an alarm goes off, it deters burglars or the like from continuing their woeful deeds because that same alarm is attracting the attention of anyone around and very likely the police.

Systems that automatically call the police when an alarm is tripped is an added layer of protection for your business.

Access Control System

An access control security system is used by many larger businesses that need to keep track of who is coming and going from their property. These systems are great for owners who cannot be on premises at all times but also need to allow guests or possibly even delivery people temporary access to their business.

There are different options available for gaining access, but if your business is large and already has ID cards, security installers can include access chips in your next round of ID cards. This is a great way to not only see who is accessing your property or business, but also when. This is also a great option if you need to separate your workforce and only allow a portion into different areas of your business.

Remote Monitoring System

A remote monitoring system is also great for owners who cannot be on premises, but need to keep an eye on it. Remote monitoring needs a video surveillance system setup.

Remote monitoring is going to let you or anyone you give access to the ability to see what your cameras see wherever you may be. Owners can even have the ability to check in on their business or property with nothing more than a smartphone. This can be one of the best additions to a video surveillance system for owners that need to check in but cannot physically make it to the premises.

Fire Alarm System

The last system to mention that isn’t always thought of when thinking of a security system is that of the fire alarm. Although many businesses already have some type of fire protection technology, a fire alarm system that is setup by a commercial security system installer can immediately inform the fire department and even the owner of any possible triggering.

When this is setup with remote monitoring incorporated, an owner can easily check in seconds and see if this a real emergency or a false alarm.  When dealing with fire, seconds matter.


Any one of these commercial security systems would add some peace of mind for the security of your business. For businesses that need the best in security, you don’t have to stop at just one. A proper security system company can set you up with all of these different systems integrated into one.

If you’re overwhelmed on which system to get, it’s possible to get all the security pieces you want and have more than just peace of mind, you can have ultimate protection of your business.


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